The Incredible Lost Post of Destiny

Posted: April 2, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity

Hey guys, so let’s be honest here. I wrote a huge post for today, a massive magnum opus of destiny all about the History of April fools day and random holidays wherein roman people yelled things and British people yelled things and everyone was generally a jerk which is what April Fools day is really all about. But then, in a tragic twist of fate and the very cruelest of April Fools jokes… when I logged in to post it the whole thing was gone. Lost. Forever. And so today we will celebrate not the death of this post. Not the tragic story of something we’ve lost, but rather the celebration of something beautiful that the two of us had. Let us not mourn the loss of this post, but rather celebrate the life of it. And in honor of its passing and because frankly I really don’t want to write a whole other post right now, I’m gonna wait 24 hours before posting again. See you tomorrow everyone, and always remember: April fools really is horribly evil. It wants your soul.

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