The Mad Hatter Diaries

Posted: March 31, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well Internet, as the world continues to turn, and various and sundry flammable things continue to burn, we have hit upon yet another “Micah Shamelessly Promotes himself” type blog!! Herein I shall post links to videos and talk a lot about my very own bad self… and some of the far more talented people that my bad self gets to work with.

The Mad Hatter Diaries was originally born out of my own much fatigued brain at roughly 3:70 in the morning. For those of you wondering, no that time does not actually exist… but if you’ve ever been up at 3ish in the morning you have probably also had an idea at 3:70 in the morning. It’s a great time to have ideas. You only get two types of ideas at 3:70 really really good ideas. Or really really bad ideas. Here are just three of some terrible 3:70 ideas that I’ve had.

An all boy band called: “Here Till Tomorrow.” Scrambling eggs using Egg-nog instead of milk. Toasting my pants in the morning to warm them up. Starting an improve baking team called: Mashed Pohumor.

Man I forgot about Mashed Pohumor… that’s a super great idea… All we need is an open counter, some good improvers, and various audience suggested baking utensils!!! Yeah, wait no that was terrible.

Anyway, the Mad Hatter Diaries was a good idea and worked well and after several other sleepless nights, many many cups of coffee and some deep deep emotional trauma I had written this 1 episode.

And then I had to write a lot more of them. A lot more. So so many more. And then after even more sleepless night, with even more coffee, and so much emotional trauma that I am nothing more then a sad emotionless husk of the man I used to be. I had finished them.

So I took these scripts that had ruined large portions of my childhood psyche and hopes for the future and brought them to that cinema oasis known as OtherVision studios and it’s head… studio head person, Collins White. Once I had bribed Collins into making this webseries the two of us set about establishing  a cast of people way more talented then I should be allowed to work with. There was (and everyone hold your breath as I try not to leave out any cast members) Cassie Thompson as the Cheshire Cat, Jessie Davis as the White Rabbit, Lindsay Morgan as the March Hare, Janie  Door as the Dormouse, Chelsea Jarret as the red Queen and my good buddy Johnathon Schofield as the Caterpillar. The cast (and I say this with the utmost respect for the Dark Knight) is the best thing ever.

So check out the Mad Hatter Diaries, it will change your life!!! OR at least make your life moderately better. By being awesome, and making you laugh. Which is also pretty danged awesome.

Here they are:

And yes, there are more to come!!!

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