Here Comes the Spiderman… yet again

Posted: February 13, 2015 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey Internet!! Sorry for missing the post day yesterday, this week has been filled with work, and responsibilities, and other things that I am (according to my psychiatrist) physically and emotionally incapable of sustaining. But anyway, a few days ago the Internet was shocked, docked, ticked, and locked with the shocking (and awesome) news that Spiderman would be entering the MCU (that should be read “Avengers franchise/world for those of you out there who don’t speak nerd.)

In a very long boring story that most people don’t care about Spiderman (property Marvel Comics) and his movies have been owned by Sony (makers of bad movies and poor e-mail security) since Super-hero movies went from “cute but terrible looking cinema experiments” to the “huge cash spewing rainbow leprechauns from the future” juggernauts that we know them as today.

For a long time sweaty comic book fans have been sitting in there basements angrily tapping away at their keyboards about how horribly sad it is that Spiderman can’t be in Avengers movies and desperately making limited edition action figure sacrifices to the ancients gods of comic books in the hopes that they would see fit to right this horrible injustice. And lo, they have internet friends. Lo, they have.

Nerds: Join me as I begin our freaking out.

Nerds: Join me as I begin our freaking out.

To this point very little is known about specifics. We know Spiderman will get his own new Marvel helmed movie in 2017, and we know that before then he will be featured in one of the other Marvel super-hero movies (99.9% chance that it’s Captain America: Civil War cause that is literally the only movie between now and 2017 that makes any sense at all.) We also know that this will be a NEW Spiderman. So goodbye Andrew Garfield, goodbye Emma Stone. Thanks for the memories, you guys were the only two good things about two genuinely unremarkable Spider-man movies. The first one was decent, the second one was… well it wasn’t as bad as Spiderman 3 so… I guess that’s something. You two were great, we’ll always have… Paris?? I guess.

Now, I consider myself at least fairly literate as far as comic book movies go, but when it comes to comic book books there’s only one guy who I consider my one stop handsome shop for comic book opinions and that of course is none other then the much esteemed Carey of the much Steamed Clan-Nelson. Below are his thoughts:

An actual picture of Carey Nelson when he talks about Comic Books.

An actual picture of Carey Nelson when he talks about Comic Books.

In my mind it absolutely needs to be Miles Morales (the character). It makes far more sense to me if you’re “introducing” Spider-man into the MCU in a movie that is not billed as his movie to have a much simpler setup: that of a new young [black] superhero running around in a spider outfit caught up in the middle of the super hero debate. It would be a stretch, but how cool would it be if the big reveal of spider-man’s secret identity was also a reveal to the audience that it’s Miles not Peter and will he have mile’s powers including venom blast and invisibility.

I love Spider-man, but I really love Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man. The unmasking issue is another interesting point because the MCU has no secret identities right now and spidey would give them a chance for that

And there you go guys, a genuinely educated opinion, from a credible source.

And now more from me!!! So, at this point (for those of you who don’t know) two distinct paths diverge in Marvel’s yellow wood of Spider-man.

There’s option A: the safe route. Or as we could possibly call it “the exact same thing we’ve done twice already” route. Find some new attractive white person to play Spider-man, get a blond person or a red-headed person, Uncle Ben, Aunt Beru, etc. Man… I got bored just typing that, and I hid a Star Wars reference in there!!

And option B: Unleash a cool new super-hero with a different look and slightly different powers and just ya know… create something interesting.

See Marvel? He am Spiderman!!!

See Marvel? He am Spiderman!!!

To me, this seems like an easy choice and either way I think it would be AWESOME if Marvel kept the character under wraps until the big unveiling during The Civil War (though in the age of Wiki-leaks that’s pretty much impossible.) That said Marvel (and there big Daddy dad of doom Disney) are not driven by what I think would be a cool idea but rather by this simple (yet powerful) symbol “$.” I promise you meetings are happening on a pretty much daily basis over at the big M as they toss back and forth the Miles Morales (the interesting one) and Peter Parker (the one you’ve seen twice) debate.

Personally, I hope they go the Morales route, I think it tells a new interesting story and (this ones for you Marvel) I honestly think it would probably make them more money. Granted, Amazing Spiderman 2 was disjointed at best but it wasn’t the worst movie ever and it didn’t exactly bring in standard “mediocre comic book movie” money. Audiences at this point are kind of bored with Spiderman and I think Morales would be an awesome new option that would get people back in the theater! So take a chance Marvel!! Go the new, risky direction with this and just see what happens! You can certainly afford to.

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