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Hello America… and other probably more interesting un-Americans who probably served here by accident and are trying to decode my 4th grade level grammar. Today, I wanted to talk about something important, something awesome, something that if you blink you’ll miss. It won’t be here long but while it’s here it will be epic. Like a bloomin’ onion at Outback, or those extra french fries left at the bottom of a McDonald’s bag. What am I talking about? The little known, tremendously awesome show: called Galavant.

Micah Review’s: Galavant 

Galavansword. Because why spell things.

Galavansword. Because why spell things.

The Plot: Galavant is an ABC comedy/musical/medieval adventure show currently in the middle of an 8 episode run. It tells the story of (the unfortunately named) Galavant whose “one true love” was taken by… you know what?? The plot of Galavant isn’t that great, but that doesn’t matter. I promise. I could tell you the plot, but you wouldn’t care. You wouldn’t understand. Because no one understands!! In this dark cruel world of… Sorry, got distracted for a second there… Trying to sell you Galavant on the plot would be like me trying to sell you a 2020 Ferrari from space by only showing you the bloody remains of a fly that said space Ferrari smashed against its windshield. Let’s just move on.

When I first heard of Galavant it seemed like (and I’m being honest here) the worst idea ever. I mean TV musicals are shows like Glee an overly dramatic, poorly acted, show about high schoolers who are (by and large) no longer in High School. Medievel shows are hard to pull off on TV and there are about five million weird TV comedies out there right now most of which are not worth the invisible magical air that they fly on, through an important scientific process that no one actually understands.

Evil singing Timothy Omundson: check that off the bucket list.

Evil singing Timothy Omundson: check that off the bucket list.

So exactly how does something with three parts that usually don’t work alone all smashed together work?? The simple answer: Galavant don’t care. It just doesn’t. Galavant isn’t the funniest show on TV (thank you New Girl), and it’s not the best medieval show out there. The music is good and catchy but not anything that will change your life and the acting is very solid across the board but nothing that’s gonna win any sort of Emmy awards or anything.

So how does Galavant get by? How has it become one of my new favorite shows? The simple answer: gusto. Galavant doesn’t worry about it’s “place in society” or “over arching seven season story arc” it’s just out to have fun. I’m a huge fan of the direction TV is going, with great scripted series that build for the long haul with complex characters and huge plot twists, but every once in a while it’s not to just gather around the TV and watch something that’s just purely entertaining.

The songs (while not exactly Les Miserables) are catchy and (more often then not) hilarious and they really sum up Galavant on the whole. It’s a show that makes up for it’s lack of straight up hilarity by employing the “see what sticks” method, it attacks with a barrage of humor that’s physical and subtle and sarcastic and self-aware and while not all of it lands enough of it is hilarious that you won’t mind the parts that miss you.

The cast is highlighted by Timothy Omundson (the less then villainous villain, King Richard) and, of course, Joshua Sasse as Galavant. Already though guest stars like John Stamos and Hugh Bonneville have made very memorable guest appearances. In fact, Hugh Bonneville “sang” what is my new favorite song ever “Lords of the Sea” a song about a bunch of pirates, stuck on land who are “The Lords of the sea… with quotes around the word ‘sea.'” It’s fantastic.

Dancing singing Hugh Bonneville: best. thing. ever.

Evil singing Hugh Bonneville: best. thing. ever.

In Conclusion: Watch Galavant. Not because of the epic story (which it really doesn’t have), or the acting (which is good but not epic), or the catchy songs (which it abounds with) but because Galavant is just straight up entertaining. I wanna say it’s a throwback but I can’t really think of what it’s throwing back to, except to say to a simpler TV time where TV was just fun. It doesn’t worry about being “believable” or “gritty” or “dramatic” Galavant just wants to have fun. And it does, and you’ll have fun watching it. So what are you waiting for? It won’t be here long! Check it out!

P.S. (I will say it’s TV PG so there is some sexual innuendo at play here, parents may want to watch it first before allowing any munchkins, bunchkins, or evil demon children from the pit, to view it.)

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