DC vs. Marvel 2 years.

Posted: October 16, 2014 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Internet!! What’s the shizzle? Before we get to the main course of today’s blog-meal let’s start of with some delicious blogssert. I am VERY excited to announce that we will be releasing an all new video version of Thoughts We Might Have Had! Check Youtube tomorrow afternoon and you’ll be able to see a brand new version of our little website. We paired up with the awesome folks over at OtherVision.net and they allowed us to use their awesome state of the art studio to spread the word of Thoughts We Might Have Had throughout the video world. So check back here tomorrow and watch the video!

But moving on, so yesterday DC Comics came out with their big and official MOVIE SLATE! And, because what’s the fun of anything happening unless I can compare and contrast it with something else: let’s go ahead and talk Marvel vs. DC vs. other companies that happen to own marvel characters for the next two years!

2014: We’re pretty much done with our super-heroes this year. Thanks Guardians of the Galaxy and Cap 2. You were awesome!

2015:  May 1st– Avengers: Age of Ultron

Best. Thing. Ever. I don’t even know what else to say about it but that. Awesomeness. Avengers was arguably the bset thing to happen to comic book movies since… ever. Avengers 2  introduces Ultron as a new (and awesome) villain and puts back together the world’s awesomest heroes led by the world’s awesomest writer: Joss Whedon. Yeah… that’ll work.

I feel like they don't even need to put out a trailer. Just show this picture for a minute and a half and we will be there.

I feel like they don’t even need to put out a trailer. Just show this picture for a minute and a half and we will be there.

June 19th – Fantastic Four.

I’ve never gotten the fantastic four. The “power of being stretchy” is probably the worst thing ever and the Thing is basically just a really terrible version of the Hulk who says “it’s clobberin’ time” a lot. Plus the last movie (and then the last movie before that movie) we’re horrible. Terrible. And horrible. I know this is an all new crew, with new writers and a new cast but it’s like going to a restaurant and eating the worst meal of your life, and then you get home and you have food poisoning, and then a bear comes and breaks into your house and steals your TV. Then a year later you go back and the place is under new management and has a new chef but they still serve the exact same meals.  And sure those meals are being cooked by different people now but… are you super excited to eat that?

July 17th – Antman.

Still not sold on this either. “I can shrink” “I can grow” powers aren’t exactly show stopping. I mean, at the moment they’re talking this will be more of a heist movie and I guess that could work. Marvel has done a really good job of crafting they’re movies to fit their characters so we’ll see what happens here.

Antman, a serious danger... if you're picnicking.

Antman, a serious danger… if you’re picnicking.

2016: March 25th Batman 5 Superman: Dawn of Justice.

I’ve talked at great length about this movie. I am not excited for it. Batman might be cool, Superman will be the weird out of touch dark Superman from the last movie, there will be a TON of other characters in here to the point where it will start to feel like a trailer for the Justice League rather then being, ya know, a good movie.

May 6th– Captain America 3.

Current rumors have Robert Downey Jr.  appearing in this and it being a launching point for a Civil War storyline which could be awesome! We’ll have to see though, the whole “Civil War” thing has been done a lot so it may just be more rumors from the mill but we shall have to see. Regardless it stands to be a good movie and as the first true follow up to Age of Ultron it’ll be interesting to see where that movie leaves our intrepid heroes.

May 27th – X-men: Apocalypse.

The first follow up after the excellent X-men: Days of Future Past , Apocalypse has a lot of ground to cover and some interesting directions to go in since they re-booted all their characters. Who knows maybe they can make Cyclops into less of a jerk… though honestly I doubt it.

2 Untitled movies, 1 for DC, 1 for Marvel.

Smart money is on this being Doctor Strange for Marvel and (possibly) a Suicide Squad movie for DC. Doctor Strange is its own thing and could work super well. Suicide Squad is basically just a bunch of villains wandering around punching people but hey, it can be very entertaining to be a bunch of villains punching people in the face.

November 11th – Sinister Six 

Not exactly a picture full of win.

Not exactly a picture full of win.

And speaking of villains punching people in the face here’s another villain centered movie, but this one features the Green Goblin and then five other FAR FAR less interesting villains. I mean Doc Ock? Vulture? Rhino? Kraven? These aren’t just “not interesting” some of them are openly and brazenly ridiculous. I’m not saying it 100 percent can’t be a good movie, I’m just saying it’s definitely on an uphill slope in the good movie direction. I’m saying it will probably fall down and break its crown.

Okay, so that’s the next two years anyway! At this point I’m not going any further because frankly there’s speculating and then there’s looking ahead more than two years and speculating wildly. Regardless of what DC and Marvel are telling you. So thanks for reading guys, gonna be an interesting year or two. Check back next week for more movies and check in tomorrow for some brand new awesome!!

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