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Posted: June 20, 2014 by Micah in Video Game Reviews
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Well hey internet, so as occasionally happens on this site I wander through the annals of my e-mails and the vast untapped tappinghood that is this website and I come across some common themes. This theme on this day is that I never ever write anything for the video game section. Honestly that’s mostly because I just don’t have time to play video games most times and because this is (primarily) a movie site. Regardless though, I feel the need to occasionally scatter some breadcrumbs to you starving gamers out there and herein’ I will answer two of the more common questions I tend to get in relation to video games.

What next gen console are you buying?

Umm… none? At the moment. Here’s the thing Playstation and Xbox (technically Microsoft but whatever) released the PS4 and the Xbox One (technically the Xbox 3 but hey who bothers with numbers and countings and things) night unto a year ago and they STILL haven’t released ANYTHING that makes me think I need one or the other. The exclusive games have been terrible or uninteresting and the few games I AM  interested in this year (more on this later) are coming out on the 360 (which I have which is the older model despite the fact that the new Xbox is called the Xbox One.) For reasons. In addition to that, they keep lowering the prices of the Xbox One and the PS4 because people such as myself are not buying their new counsels because there is NO REASON TOO. Honestly, the next console I buy is probably gonna be a PS3. Those are SUPER cheap… well they’re 100 dollars but comparatively that’s pretty cheap and there are a TON of great games on there that I would like to play just about as much as any games coming out on new consoles anytime this year. But anyway, I’m pretty sure I’ve said something pretty similar to this on here before so any future e-mails regarding this will be responded to with a live angry zombie badger… so I guess maybe a dead angry zombie badger… technically.

What games are you most excited about this year?

I have two. Both of which come out the same day so that’s gonna be a rough month for me financially… but here they are.

Dragon Age 3:

This is a mood ring. And my mood is NOT GOOD!!

This is a mood ring. And my mood is NOT GOOD!!

One of my favorite games of all time was Dragon Age, it was awesome, the world was huge, the characters were interesting and the combat was fun and took a lot of intelligence to do well. Then the second game came out… and it sucked. I mean, in and of itself I guess it wasn’t terrible, but all of the things I loved about the first game were gone. We were stuck inside one tiny city, the characters were essentially just huge incredibly less interesting caricatures of the original cast, and the fighting became a fairly mindless trudge through a bland story.  A perfect example of this is illustrated in one simple illustration in the first game you could choose between 3 different races and about 9 different starting stories for you character to begin on, in the second game you HAD to be a human and pretty much HAD to start from the same place. That’s right: as an idea for their second game the good folks at Dragon Age REMOVED several awesome features. The third game though (from what I’ve seen) looks like it’s going out of its way to attach itself back to the first game. The world is bigger, the story seems more interesting, and (Here’s hoping) they’ll populate the world with more interesting people. If nothing else they’ve brought back the multiple character race choices even (dare we say it) adding NEW ones. That’s right, a sequel to a game that’s adding new things to that game. It’s crazy, but it just might work.

Lord of the Rings: Shadow of Mordor

As has been fairly well established on this site: I am a huge nerd. But there are few things in this world that I am more hugely nerdy about then Lord of the Rings. I have literally read the books DOZENS of times, watched the movies probably dozens of times and I have played some really really terrible Lord of the Rings games. And I have no regrets. Well okay I have a few regrets. The Fellowship of the Rings games left lasting scars on my psyche I still have nightmares about carrying pigs over my head around Hobbiton… literary shudder… Honestly the best Lord of the Rings game ever is still Return of the King and that was released like… a million years ago. But I still own that game and it is still awesome.

Yeah, the electric powers are nice but the static is MURDER on my hair.

Yeah, the electric powers are nice but the static is MURDER on my hair.

So anyway, Shadow of Mordor is a game that takes place between the Hobbit movies (cause believe it or not those do end at some point) and the Lord of the Rings movies. You play as a Ranger who gets murdered but comes back after somehow bonding with a wraith (think Nazgul) and sets about wreaking his vengeance on the wreaking masses of wreaking orcs. This works for me as a premise, it’s new it’s interesting and it sounds like a decent premise for some new interesting gameplay links!

And that’s it. I’m done. Those are the games I’m excited about. So there you go guys a break from the usual movie fare but hey it’s a Friday, I don’t even post on Fridays so consider this a free look at some gaming stuff that I normally wouldn’t ever talk about! Happy weekend everyone!

  1. chris Scott says:

    Correction only the Xbox has had a price drop. The ps4 is still the same price as it was on launch.

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