X-men: Days of Future Past

Posted: June 10, 2014 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Ah, there you are Internet!! I wondered where you had got off to! Me? Oh I was celebrating my anniversary, obviously! Come on, where else would I be? Anyway, aside from your obvious mistakes in not knowing why I wouldn’t be posting on the day that I usually post, let’s talk about X-Men: Days of Future Past.

Micah Reviews: X-men Days of Future Past

As has been demonstrated on this blog, the X-men film franchise has been around a long time! It’s had good times and bad times but it’s never had future times (hey, all the jokes can’t be good!) So let’s talk about this new entry in the old series, the new cast, the old cast, and the arm cast (I’m so sorry guys… I think my humor is broken…)

The Plot:

Many years from now the world is a desolate place. Men kill other men, Robots kill other men, and coffee is sold for as much as 3 dollars a cup. Sentinels (read: giant robots of death) are hunting down the remaining mutants (read: super powered humans of dying) and are winning the war thanks to the fact that they can transform and adapt to fight any mutant power. But wait!! Into this life a little hope must fall and that hope is: time travel!! By sending Wolverine back in time to kidnap the inventor of the sentinels when he is a baby and thus save millions of lives incredibly simply and without bloodshed!!!

Oh wait no, that’s not what happens.

"Though actually guys that does sound easier then our plan..."

“Though actually guys that does sound easier then our plan…”

Instead we send Wolverine back in time to stop Mystique (another mutant) from killing the inventor of the Sentinels (Bolivar “no seriously that’s his name” Trask.) Because when she kills him she’ll get captured and humans will use her DNA to create the adaptive Sentinels that eventually kill the mutants. So Wolverine goes back and gets together a merry band  of men who proceed to make things far more difficult than is at all necessary.

The Pros:

Despite some plot holes (anytime you do time travel there will be plot holes) X-men: Days of Future past is a very solid film. It tells a really great story and avoids becoming just another long, this mutant vs. that mutant movie by making itself about the characters rather than about their powers. Wolverine, Xavier, and Mystique make very interesting characters and the story does a great job of weaving their character growth together.

What fight scenes we have in the movie are very well done with a special note being given to Quicksilver and his fairly awesome jail break. Honestly most of the fighting is done by Mystique and is fairly well choreographed though I would have liked to see Wolverine do more fighting and less couples therapy.

The movie does a great job of pulling you into the story and uses a great cast very well to engage its audience. It’s neither the most engaging plot nor the most engaging script but it’s strong cast of characters and actors carry the film very well.

The Cons:

Plenty of plot holes to be had (time travel once again) though honestly the movie’s biggest plot hole is one it creates itself, namely: Quicksilver. His jailbreak is awesome but then he (quite literally) just sort of goes home. We’re even treated to a scene of him watching the climactic last battle on TV and you can’t help but think “Surely he could do something to help this whole event, given his virtual unlimited powers of speed boarding on an ability to stop time entirely.”

One of the most overpowered, girlish looking super-heroes ever!

It’s a girl?? It’s a boy?? No, it’s Quicksilver!

Honestly, its biggest problem (to me) is Magneto’s somewhat terrible plan to solve the problem. I don’t want to spoil to much but you’d think Magneto would come up with a good plan to murder the right people and save his fellow mutants (kind of his thing) but instead his plan basically is “MURDER EVERYONE… FOR… MURDER REASONS” and you can’t help but feel he should be able to come up with something else. Also, apparently it’s super easy to overwrite intricate circuitry by jamming pieces of metal into it.

As good as the cast is Young Professor X and Young Magneto don’t stand up very well in comparison to Old Professor X and Old Magneto. It’s rough to compare two actors to each other (especially when two of those actors are Ian McKellan and Patrick Stewart) but my wife and I both felt that no one really even attempted to make them similar to each other.

The script is a bit hit and miss as well. There are one or two genuinely well written scenes (young and old professor X talking is really really well done) but there are also some really awkward scenes as well (a long awkward conversation between Xavier and Mystique topping that list.)

In Conclusion:

X-men: Days of Future past is a very solid breath of fresh air in a long (and some would say slightly stale) series. The script is engaging and the characters interesting and while it’s by no means a perfect movie, it’s a solid entry in the series and (perhaps) a nice way to re-boot things!

I give it a solid 4Boliver’s  out of 5.

Thanks for reading guys and check back on Thursday as I review ye olde Godzilla… probably.


  1. Happy Belated Anniversary!

  2. Jeremiah says:

    Best part of the whole movie:

    Professor X seeing scenes from X3 and moaning: “I don’t want that future!”

    I think Bryan Singer and I are fully on the same page thinking that X3 should not have ever happened, and that the best movies are the ones made by Bryan Singer. 😉

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