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Posted: May 13, 2014 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Hey guys so I’m still pretty ill, fairly dill, and off my pills but as promised I shall now write a blog about a thing. Specifically about three super powered TV shows that will be landing next fall and that are just now starting to make some noise as to what next fall might hold!

Fox – Gotham

A story about itty bitty batman, Gotham takes place (as many of you astute internet types may have surmised) in Gotham, the self same city that the Dark Knight roamed all throughout the Dark Knight trilogy (except for a brief field trip to China.) Gotham the show takes place right around the time when Bruce Wayne’s parents are murdered and focuses not on tiny Batman dispensing justice on playgrounds and throwing criminals off of the teeter-totter, but rather on young Detective Jim Gordon and his (famously fruitless) attempt to keep the peace. The show also promises to feature tiny Catwoman (kittenwoman?) Penguin before he was Penguin (Pre-guin?) and Poison Ivy before she was poison (Mildly unpleasant ficus???) So far we’ve only seen snippets and snappets of things but what we did catch in the trailer looked pretty good and the world they’ve created seems to match up pretty well with Chris Nolan’s world and I (as you may know) was a huge fan of that world. So hey, I’m in. Let’s see where this goes.

She's adorable in a "steal all your stuff" sort of way.

She’s adorable in a “steal all your stuff” sort of way.

CW – The Flash

A character already introduced in CW’s Arrows (on which I have already written) the Flash is a super-hero with super speed and a super red costume. Of all the shows I am about to discuss (i.e. both the other ones) this is the one I am the most hesitant about. I actually like the actor playing The Flash who did a good job in his Arrow times, I’m just not super convinced that The Flash is gonna be a super interesting show. Because the Flash’s solution to every problem is to run really fast. And when the Flash is really up against it and when he doesn’t think he can go on… he runs really REALLY fast. Arrow has interesting combat and stuff going down and people who are (dare we say it) better fighters than Arrow. But the Flash is just… fast. If the characters are REALLY interesting it can be a good show and that is at least somewhat possible but I can also see this show really struggling to keep itself interesting just by virtue of having “No seriously: he’s SUPER fast” only being able to carry things so far.

But look how fast he looks!! Like... super fast.

So… is he fast enough to get out of that helmet? That’d be nice.

NBC – Constantine

And this (in direct opposition of my previous show) is the thing I am most excited about of the three. Constantine focuses on a fellow named John Constantine (none of these shows are super originally named) who is an expert on all sorts of dark magical/mystical things and is generally a snarky british guy with super-powers and I ask you what could be better than that? They made a movie of this (also unimaginatively called “Constantine”)but it was terrible and starred Keanu Reeves who in all this world is the person least like John Constantine should be, so I choose to ignore it. This though is an actually awesome looking snarky British guy fighting demons in a well fleshed out world created by a legendary graphic novel series? I’m in. Done. No more needs to be said. Watch the trailer, Wait till fall.

Constantine everyone: the exact opposite of Keanu Reeves.

John Constantine: the exact, polar and complete opposite of Keanu Reeves.

So there you go guys, not a long post, but a post. A post from the stoop of Death’s weird cousins door. See you Thursday.

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