I Married An Alien

Posted: April 21, 2014 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Hey internet, and welcome to another banner day here on Thoughts We Might Have Had. A bold day, a red day, ee’r the sun rises!!!! And also a day wherein I will talk a whole lot about a very awesome project that I have been working on for the better parts of two years: I Married an Alien. But fear not, this article will be filled with all the usual hijinks, hilarity, and misplaced commas, ,that you’ve come to expect from us here in this magical, whimsical, marshmallow world that we call Thoughts We Might Have Had.

Eight Reasons You Should Watch I Married an Alien 

I Married an Alien is like running through a golden meadow made of hundred dollar bills.

I Married an Alien is like running through a golden meadow made of hundred dollar bills.

There are a lot of reasons you should watch I married an Alien (go to www.Imarriedanalienfilm.com at any time during this post and buy tickets to our official, lavish, premiere this very Friday the 25th right here in Greenville, South Carolina.) Here are eight of those reasons.

8. I wrote it.

You are reading this blog, so I will assume that you (at least somewhat) like the stuff that I write (either that or you are horribly lost, in which case please turn left and head towards the nearest lit exit sign.) So if you like this blog you will probably like this show. Plus if you watch the movie you won’t have to deal with my complete, horrible, hilarious inability to punctuate, spell, or build large statues made from guacamole depicting various scarring events from my childhood. The actors have already done that for you (except for that last one.)

7. A super talented crew.

We had some awesome people working on this thing with us. Of course Collins White and Andrew Bradford led the attack with some digital film wizardry of the absolute highest level. They are the Voldemort and Dumbledore of film if Voldemort and Dumbledore got along super well and cured world hunger with a rampaging magical unicorn… or something. Anyway, some awesome people put time and effort into this film and you should come see it because of that.

6. Some sweet action supporting characters.

Jamil Jaar and Ralph Tedder make some awesome appearances in the show. As the old showbiz saying goes “there are no small people, there are only small particles.” Or something… I may have missed that day in acting class… I may have missed every day in acting class. But you know who didn’t? Jamil and Ralph. They are awesome, and did an awesome job! They rock like a monkey sock. And I’m not just saying that because it rhymed… though it was awesome.

5. Ben Toler

He's all stripety and stuff.

He’s all stripety and stuff.

Some of you may remember Ben Toler from Mongoose, a million Shakespeare plays, and various “Worlds Strongest Shakespearean Actor Who Was in Mongoose” competitions. Ben is a man with a plan, a pill with a skill, and a talent with a… quotient… or something. Anyway, Ben plays Louis, neighbor to the alien and cooking enthusiast! Louis is an eccentric generally crazy person and Ben Toler plays him perfectly! Come out and see the awesomeness that is bound to ensue.

4. Lindsay Morgan

It's like she can see the letters above her...

It’s like she can see the letters above her…

Lindsay plays Sheryl semi-owner of a local thrift store and a person who makes up for her lack of management experience with an extensive lack of skill, knowledge, and education. Sheryl is awesome and hilarious and Lindsay (despite being intelligent and having tons of management experience… maybe… on the experience thing…) does an awesome job.

3. David Bean

Ironically many of our cast members wear glasses...

Ironically many of our cast members wear glasses…

David plays Doug one of the shows main characters and a man who can wear pajama pants with the best of them. Doug is a struggling artist and former boyfriend to Lexie (the “I” in I Married an Alien) and he serves as the audiences eyes and ears to the general crazy happening of the world around him. Dave is widely known for his recent work in Lederhosen and his one man portrayal of Ethel Red the Unready in the hit play “wait for it.” And I only made one of those things up!!

2.Cassie Thompson

And there she is: the "I"

And there she is: the “I”

You may remember Cassie from all of the awesome things ever in the world. Adorable kittens, the leaning tower of Pizza, and Firefly all have direct connections to the sweet apple scented wonder of Cassie Thompson and I can say all that and have it not be super creepy because I’m married to her!!! It was still kinda creepy huh? Anyway, Cassie plays Lexie the main “I” in all this business and she is a wonderful “I” as great an I as any I could be.

1. A brand new once in a lifetime experience

This project all started two years ago in a Zaxby’s. (why did we not get Zaxby’s sponsorship for this thing… man.) The point is this thing isn’t a project done by some huge company heartlessly pumping out new movies to steal your money. This is a project made right here by people you know, on the lowdown, the mowdown, the downtown. It’s a movie made with money from people just like you and made for people just like you. Not only are we inviting you to watch it with us we’re inviting you to come on out to a big red carpet event, meet the cast, meet the crew and have an input! Ask questions. Give comments. And tell me how much you like my hair!

So come on out to I Married An Alien! Enjoy the night. Breathe the life. Bring your wife. And other similarly rhymy words. We’ll see you there.

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