Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Posted: April 17, 2014 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Internet!! How are ya? It’s a good day Internet, a good day. Cause this day kicks off the official list of summer movies of awesome! It’s all downhill from here guys, after months of bad Hercules movies and people whistling the Frozen soundtrack! , we have HOPE! Transcendence, Maleficent, X-men, it’s all in the pipe guys!! But let’s not get to far ahead of our collective selves and selvetts, instead let us focus on the glorious now. And the glorious now starts with:

Micah Reviews: Captain America: The Winter Soldier

"What do you mean we land the plane and I don't have to keep jumping out every time I want to get on the ground?"

“What do you mean we land the plane and I don’t have to keep jumping out every time I want to get on the ground?”

So here we go guys, Captain America 2. Marvel continues marching on with its long campaign of awesome and its latest entry in the ever growing and bold fonted: Marvel Cinematic Universe. But can a Captain America movie really swim with the big boys of Thor, Iron Man, and the two not very good Hulk movies?

The Plot:

We all know Steve Rogers is a man living out of time (the whole “frozen for 60 years” thing) but at the beginning of C2 (as I will heretofore call it… that one time) we find Captain America feeling more lost than ever before. And not just because Washington DC is about as easy to navigate as a hall of mirrors set up inside another hall of mirrors set up inside a corn maze filled with angry bears. No no no. This is a far more metaphysical sort of lost. He’s lost inside himself. Within himself. Perhaps even… underneath… himself?? I don’t know… I’m confused now.

"What is he talking about?"

“What is he talking about?”

Anyway, when things start to go wrong at SHIELD and some dude named the Winter Soldier starts death-murdering all of his friends the Captain is forced to go on the down low and learn who he can trust, why he can’t trust them, and where exactly he is when he’s within himself… or something. I’m confused. Still.

The Pros: 

This is a great plot. The story of Captain America: The Winter Soldier is about SOOO much more than just the Winter Soldier. In fact the Winter Soldier isn’t even really in it that much. I obviously can’t talk too much plot without giving things away but this movie walks through a great story that twists and turns but keeps you engaged the whole way.

The characters in this movie are also very well done. The Black Widow, Captain America, the Falcon, and even Nick Fury are all very interesting to watch and are fleshed out in an incredibly interesting way. The individual scriptwriting and lines are good but not great, but it’s the plot and the characters involved in it that do more than enough to carry the movie through.

It’s also worth mentioning that the combat in this movie is top notch. The other two of the big three super heroes (Thor and Iron Man) have more power based flashy lightning/shooty handy action whereas Captain America is more of a punch you in the face and hit you with a shield sort of person. In Captain America 1 we got the occasional flash of the Cap punching people and using his shield to hit someone in the clavicle but it really wasn’t all that expansive or overly impressive. This movie though we get the full on action scenes and it honestly looks pretty awesome. He really looks like a super soldier and fights like how you think he would. Black Widow and Cap and yes even the Falcon all move really well and all the combat works awesomely.

The Negatrons:

The only thing I can really say is a negative here is that a lot of the plot twists here are fairly untwisty. It’s not really a bad thing and it doesn’t really take away from the sweeping nature of the film but it’s weird that they keep building up to big “da da DAAAAAAAAAAA” moments and all of them are fairly predictable.

In Conclusion:

Captain America the Winter Soldier is a great super hero movie. It tells a great story using incredibly interesting characters and amazingly well coordinated action sequences. It also seems to be a really important movie for the Marvel Cinematic Universe and with Avengers 2 on the way I’m interested to see how all this works together.

I give Captain America: The Winter Soldier a 4 out of 5.

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