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Posted: March 3, 2014 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Well hey internet, and welcome to Monday. Let’s all get together and pretend it’s Tuesday huh? You know I could get into a Two Tuesday format, Monday is just a terrible word with a terrible thing. Even if it was a Terrible Tuesday. I could stand two terrible Tuesdays. But aside from all that let’s get back to business, namely the business of my continuing a several year long tradition of completely ignoring the Oscars and just talking about what I want to talk about. Which, in this case, is:

Micah Review’s the Lego Movie

After much time in the theatre I finally went and watched the Lego movie. But could it live up to the hype? Was everything really that awesome?? Only roughly 2 hours in a theatre, would tell.

The Plot:

Emmett is just another ordinary lego. Except ya know… alive. Which isn’t exactly normal lego behavior, I suppose. Anyway, except for being alive he’s just another normal lego doing normal lego things. He goes to work, he builds stuff, he follows the directions. This is the life of Emmett (that really is how you spell Emmett by the way, I checked.) One night though, Emmett is introduced to the wild, eccentric, crazy person known as Wyldstyle (and that’s actually how you spell that too. Apparently in the Lego world we just throw vowels around like… well legos.) Emmett and Wyld-whats-it fall down a mineshaft and Emmett picks up a magical piece of something or other and becomes “the special!!” The special who can save the world from Lord Business and his ultimate super weapon The Kraggle!!!

Also from over-priced coffee... Of which I now want some.

Also from over-priced coffee… Of which I now want some.

On the way Emmett runs across multiple kingdoms, multiple cameos, and multiple lessons about what it really means to be special.

The Positives:

The Lego movie is just fun. It never takes itself too seriously and as such the script is allowed to carry the film and does an amazing job doing it. It’s funny, charming, and even (dare we say it) a little bit poignant. As much as the animation is nice (which it is) and the voice acting is awesome (which it also is) the script is the real star here and it shines like a… ummm… star. Man, it is Monday isn’t it?

Speaking of voice acting, it really is top notch with the two biggest notches being Chris Pratt and Will Arnett, who rock out their respective parts as Emmett and Batman, respectively. Morgan Freeman does an awesome job as well but you knew that already. My saying Morgan Freeman does a good job in a movie is like me informing you that rain does a good job getting the ground wet. Morgan Freeman is good in movies, the sun rises, the sun sets, Channing Tatum’s face is a brick.

Yes, that is a poster for "Sport" behind Emmet. Welcome to the Lego Movie everyone.

Yes, that is a poster for “Sport” behind Emmet. Welcome to the Lego Movie everyone.

One of the questions I got asked a lot before reviewing this movie was, “doesn’t it sound like a 2 hour long commercial for Lego’s.” I totally understand asking the question but fortunately for all of us it really isn’t. Or at least no more so then any other kids movie. No more so then Toy Story (which is a surprisingly astute observation for a Monday) did. Anytime you make a movie for kids you’ve got the chance to do some business on the side and I’m sure Lego Inc had that somewhere in their minds when they got behind this thing. Fortunately, that fact doesn’t in any way affect the tone or pace of the movie so it all shakes out okay.

The animation style is actually interesting to, it gives it an almost stop motion look to it while also keeping the characters expressions believable and the screen constantly interesting to watch.

The Negatrons:

Not exactly a ton to say negatronally really. The Lego Movie isn’t a perfect movie, it’s just a movie with no huge flaws. Everything meshes and all of the parts fit together amazingly well. It drags and wanders on occasion but there’s nothing really to criticize overly there.

In Conclusion:

The Lego Movie is an awesome adventure through a fast moving world. The script moves quickly, the voice acting is top notch and the story is well told. I give it 4 Wyld’s out of 5 Styles.

Thanks for reading guys and check back Thursday to read an article that I write when I am actually awake!!

  1. Reni says:

    Hey there, Micah 🙂 Me and my buddy-group recently had a conversation about “The Princess Bride.” What’s your take on this film? Love to hear a review on this and possibly a series of reviews on other iconic films.

    • Micah says:

      Thanks for the suggestion Reni!! I’ve actually gotten a couple requests for my thoughts on that particular film so (while I won’t make any promises) you may want to check in next week and see if anything has materialized!

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