Ten Most Anticipated Movies of 2014

Posted: January 6, 2014 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Hey everyone, so after a couple of days to recover from the melon scented stench of last year’s worst ten movies what say we step into the golden, shining light of hope and sweetness that is all the movies that might be good in 2014! The list I made last year actually turned out to be moderately accurate with the only notable errors being the inclusions of the Lone Ranger and the Host though those were 10 and 9 so I feel I’m at least a little exonerated for being horrendously, terribly, awkwardly, and completely wrong about them. But stepping back from last year’s failures let’s take a look at next years (hopefully) successes! Starting off with…

Honorable mentions: Some things I’m sort of excited about but that didn’t get really close to the top ten are: the Lego Movie (has the chance to be an unusually funny kids movie but nothing I’m gonna be beating the doors of the theater to see) Godzilla (could be a cool experience but will more likely will be another thinly veiled excuse for Hollywood to break Japan) RoboCop (who asked for this re-make? Like, I get that the original was a really great breakout idea but… hasn’t that idea been sort of run to death at this point?) Vampire Academy (this year’s entry in the “made by fans of Twilight” but category every piece of advertising I’ve seen for this movie looks hilariously terrible) Jupiter Ascending (would be a great movie did it not have the dried cement covered face of Channing Tatum all over it) Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (I was surprised how much I liked the series re-boot a couple years back but frankly I do not care at all about this movie) and finally the movie that came closest to making this list “Into the Woods” this thing looks awesome, the cast looks great, and I love the idea and… man when I put it that way I have no idea why it’s not on the list… hmm… awkward.

10. I, Frankenstein 

What? I know it will probably be stupid and that it’s more likely the script was written by a chinchilla on a chocolate high then an actually talented writer but, hey, this is my list and I’m at least excited enough to watch the people behind the Underworld franchise take on this sweet Graphic Novel in a movie starring Aaron Eckhart and pair of glaives!! That’s right, glaives. When was the last time those got used in an action film? Plus, this is the only good movie coming out in January or Febraury so I at least need something to look forward to (I’m still not sold on the new Jack Ryan movie. Sure it has Kenneth Branaugh (my theatre person “I wish I was like him” crush) and Kierra Knightley (my High School crush) but why is this coming out in January??? January is not when people release good movies.)

9. Maleficent 

I love the idea here and the trailer (while vague and uninformative) actually made this look like a movie someone put some thought into and not just a “hey we can make some money on this movie if we attach a generic script to a well-known idea” *cough* The Great and Powerful Oz *cough*. Anyway, Maleficent looks solid and while I’m not a huge Angelina Jolie fan on the whole, I can actually see her owning this role. It could still be horrible mind you but I’ll definitely be finding out for myself.

So far this movies greatest accomplishment is somehow  making that hat look not ridiculous. That is a hat right? She doesn't actually have goat horns... right??

So far this movies greatest accomplishment is somehow making that hat look not ridiculous. That is a hat right? She doesn’t actually have goat horns… right??

8. Transcendence

A movie starring Johnny Depp as a scientist who dies but injects his conscious into a computer and then tries to take over the world. Yeah… I don’t really need to say anything else about this huh? I mean that’s an awesome premise and it’ll be nice to see Depp take a break from painting his face white and making his “big-eyes” face at people. Also, the trailer makes this movie look like a super deep look at the relationship between humans and technology and not say a look at the relationships between technology and punching people in the face *glares at the Robocop re-make.*

7. Captain America: The Winter Soldier 

I was surprised how much I liked the first movie of this series and I really want to be more excited about Winter Soldier but… I don’t know, I just can’t shake the feeling that the place Captain America will always be best is in charge of the Avengers and maybe not running his own movies in which he will (over and over and over) throw his shield at a ton of people. So while it’s not super high on this list I’m still excited cause I do like what Chris Evans has done with the character AND the surrounding cast (Johannsen, Redford (yeah Robert Redford is in a comic book movie people, start freaking out), and Jackson) should be able to elevate this into something well worth the watching AND a good set-up for 2015’s second Avengers movie.

6. The Amazing Spiderman 2 

Another movie I want to be more excited about, Amazing Spiderman 2 looks like it will be a fun action movie, but the parts of the first movie that really worked were the Peter Parker/Gwen Stacey segments and it does seem like this movie is veering more into the “hey look at all these cool villains” territory. We’ll have to just see what happens with this and hope it can build on the foundation and relationships it laid in the first movie rather than running off and distracting itself with all the various ways Spiderman can punch something.

5. The Hobbit: There and Back Again 

I liked the changes Peter Jackson made from movie 1 to movie 2 of his second Lord of the Rings Trilogy and I’ll be very interested to see what he does to wrap up the series AND tie it to the original Lord of the Rings. He’s certainly got enough to work with story/action wise and Return of the King is (arguably) the best movie of the original trilogy so I have full faith that, despite his less than stellar start with An Unexpected Journey,  Jackson is gonna knock this one out of the park.

4. The Hunger Games: Part 3 Part 1 Mockingjay

This movie isn’t actually called all of that I just think it’s funny. Anyway, after seeing what they did with this year’s Hunger Games: Catching Fire I’m very excited to see where this series goes from here. After the nice big cliffhanger at the end of the second movie I’m more than ready for a nice return run at things! Even though at this point if they can work actual Hunger Games into it I’ll be VERY impressed given, ya know, lightning arrows and stuff.

3. X-men: Days of Future Past 

Oh how the times have changed. I hated this idea when it was first announced. Hated it. “Too many characters and too much time travel weirdness for this to be a good film” thought I, as I stared down at Whoville hating the Whos. But then something magical happened: the voice of Patrick Stewart. That and the trailer for this movie which looked awesome. The three best characters in this franchise are Wolverine (Hugh Jackmen continues to rock this role), Professor X (played awesomely by James McAvoy and Patrick Stewart) and Magneto (also played with sweet sweet skills by both Ian McKellen and Michael Fassbender) and it really looks like the people making the X-men movies have come to this realization and gone all in with those three. If this movie is as good as the trailer makes it look we could be looking at a whole new era of X-men awesomeness and I am all up for that!

Why yes that is a giant tree person, but it's a giant tree person voiced by Vin Diesel. So that's okay.

Why yes that is a giant tree person, but it’s a giant tree person voiced by Vin Diesel. So that’s okay.

1. Interstellar

Christopher Nolan’s first movie since the Batman trilogy and first non-Batman movie since Inception is a story about Astronauts exploring a wormhole. Yeah. I could just stop there and no one would question at all why I’m excited for this. The teaser they released had like four seconds of footage from the actual film and it got me more excited than just about any other trailer this year (non x-men: category.) Starring Mathew McConaghey, Anne Hathaway and some other awesome people I am just about as stoked as it gets about this thing. Sign. Me. Up.

So there you go guys, 2014! Should be an interesting year!! But wait, before you get all excited about me moving on from these year in review/preview columns come on back and have a seat at the table cause I’ve got one more card for you granddad!! … eh-hem… no idea what happened there. Sorry.

Seriously though, check back Thursday as I make five bold predictions about the 2014 moviescape which will no doubt turn out to be hilariously wrong.

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