The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Posted: December 5, 2013 by Micah in Movie Reviews

Okay Internet, let’s take a minute. Let’s sit down at the big table and have a man to internet talk. I’m sorry I wasn’t here on Monday. Sorry I wasn’t here when you needed me. To take you on walks in the sunshine, to remind you of the joy of a summers day, to try and help you forget all those Miley Cyrus meems you’ve been looking at. But I’m here now Internet, and we’re gonna make this work.

Seriously though: I’ve been sick. So sick that I am actually STILL sick. And it is not fun. I currently sound like my vocal chords are made up entirely of pop rocks having a seizure, and this is me feeling BETTER than I have since Sunday morning. Yup. It’s been that week. So before I pass out or my throat jumps out of my body and punches me in the spinal column.

Micah Reviews: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire 

Man… I’ve got to stop putting colons in everything. Or maybe Hollywood should just stop making sequels and come up with an original idea every once in a while… yeah I’ve got to come up with less colons, that other thing won’t ever happen.

The Plot: It seems since the last Hunger Games that a lot has changed to make that first movie an important event… maybe. Anyway despite the fact that everything is different, things look mostly the same in District 12. But it’s not long before Katniss and Pita-bread (no for real: he’s a baker!! How did we not realize this before?) are whisked off by a whisk into an exciting film about something entirely different from the first twenty minutes or so of the film.

Katniss is thrown back into the Hunger Games where she must once more fight for her life, family, and pony tail. Over the course of the game she will learn to trust, to love, to hate, and that by tapping a tiny piece of medal into a tree you can get an entire waterfalls worth of water.

The Pros: A really strong well rounded cast makes Hunger Games: Catching Fire really stand out. Jennifer Lawrence has really come into her own as an actress and the rest of the cast works  great around her. Newcomer Phillip Seymour Hoffman does very well, and Woody Harrelson plays his character with just enough drunk charisma to make you like him.

Despite my initial comments the story really does build well on the last movie and the character growth continues to progress through both films. Katniss probably isn’t the most sympathetic character around but she’s one of the more realistic ones and watching her grow as the movie goes on is honestly one of the main reasons it works so well.

The scriptwriting is pretty good, though occasionally a little wooden, but it’s really the overall story that carries the movie and it carries well. Like a mother bear carrying a tiny Christmas ham all the way to grandma’s house!! … or something like that.

The Cons: Meh… hard to really think of any. I wish the script had done a little bit more and I feel like the “grand finally” moment of the Hunger Games themselves was a little “wait… she shot what?” but honestly I thought it was a very well done film, that continued the series nicely and leaves me anxiously waiting for the next movie in the series.

In Conclusion: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is a great film that continues an incredible story. The action is great, the script is good if a little un-extraordinary, and the overall story is big and sweeping and really carries you through the film well. It’s not a perfect film cuz it doesn’t really ever hit a huge wrap-up ending  but it certainly sets itself up for a great conclusion… somewhere down the road.

I give it 4 carrying bears out of 5.

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