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Posted: November 15, 2013 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Hey everyone happy Friday!! This is the Friday before the Thursday before the Thursday of Thanksgiving!! Woott!! But it’s also the day before the Saturday before the Monday before the Monday when Doctor Who comes back!!! Get. Excited.

But anyway, before that gets confusing or something let’s talk about this next sentence. A bold fonted semi-repetitive fragment of a sentence that goes a little something like this…

Micah Reviews: Ender’s Game


Man… I have got to get his TV.

A movie based on one of my favorite books “Ender’s Game” assembled an all-star cast, an all-star special effects team, and an all-star umm… star system and set out to make a movie! But can you really make a good movie out of such a cerebral book? Can we keep Harrison Ford’s face glued together for another film? Is Asa Butterfield the name of an actual person? Let’s find out together shall we?

The Plot:

Not so long in the past (the future past that is(wink)) alien’s invaded earth! Aliens in fact almost took over Earth!! Were it not for the brave actions of one Mister Rock-ham… or something like that… Earth would have, in fact, become downtown New York City for aliens!!

Several years after that it seems the aliens are coming for Earth again and the only hope for humanity is to find some awesome strategic person who can think the aliens to death. Fortunately for humanity they have Ender Wiggin a young super-brain boy-child who (assuming he’s raised in the loving poisonous barb covered arms of Harrison Ford) might just be able to save humanity!

During his training Ender will make friends, enemies, and a lot of “thinking faces.” But will it be enough? Can Ender really save humanity or is it all doomed to End…er. Yeah… that joke works better out loud.  

The Positives:

The story of Ender’s Game (on the whole) is very well told here. The pacing isn’t always great (more on this in a bit) but the story is engagingly told and even people who didn’t read the book are given a clear picture of the action and the stakes.

Asa Butterfield does a great job as Ender. It’s even worth noting that most (please note the word MOST) of the child actors in the movie do very well for themselves. Harrison Ford’s character is interesting and well played though certain more delicate parts of the plot get a little bit steamrolled under his growling somewhat spittle covered performance.

The special effects and the visuals are also super well done. Battle school looks great and both the alien and the human fleets are very well put together. You can really feel the size and scope of some of the movies later battles and the strategy aspect of things is handled really well.


His face tattoos double as a working map of the New York subway!

The Negatrons:

The movie feels VERY rushed. At first I thought it was just cause I read the book which (obviously) has more time on its hands but even the people I watched the movie with who hadn’t read the book said they felt the same way. We jump from one place to another and from one accomplishment to another without really giving Ender any significant time in one spot. Even a few montages set to classic 80’s music would have been a step up from the “Well, Ender’s certainly winning a lot of battles using impressive strategies.” Sentences that get thrown at us. And as much as we’re told “Ender’s the best strategic mind ever!!!” We see very few actual examples of this and are instead (for some reason) given ten minutes of screen time in which Ender learns how to shoot tiny floating balls of something or other for absolutely no reason.

I realize Master Rock-hand is from New Zealand in the books and I’m all about giving him a New Zealandish accent but I could barely understand anything the man said. “But sir, why?” Ender would say. “DGNSD shrimp LFNGAFKGNADFKGJADFLGKnadfg Barbie. Explosions.” Rick-hammer would respond.

And finally I felt like for all the rushing the movie did through most of its plot, it missed a HUGE part at the end of things. I don’t want to spoil too much but let’s just say the book ends with one of the single best written speeches I have ever read and the movie decides to handle that section with a staring contest between Ender and a large albino ant. I was somewhat let down.

In Conclusion:

On the whole I enjoyed Ender’s Game. It’s not exactly how I would make the movie but if I made the movie no one would like it and the aliens would be played by Amanda Seyfried so… yeah. It tells the story well though and even though it does feel rushed it still hits home well enough to be worth the time.

I give it 3 Rock-hands out of 5.

So there you have it guys! Two reviews, one week, and probably lots of poor punctuation! Check in Monday of next week when I talk about the 10 worst comic book movie villains!

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