Thor: The Dark World

Posted: November 11, 2013 by Micah in Movie Reviews

So before I go any further on this particular blog let me start by saying thanks to all our Veterans! You guys are awesome, and without you this country (and far less importantly: this blog) would never exist! So thank you all of you, take a bow!

And now moving on to far less patriotic things:

Micah Reviews: Thor: The Dark World


Hey!! Pictures are back!! Normally I would say something snide here about the magical floaty sword guy in the background but at this point I’m just too excited!! Welcome back pictures, we missed you!

Ew… so many colons going on up there…. not sure how to avoid that but– yeah now I’m just gonna have to spend the whole rest of the blog desperately trying not to make colonoscopy jokes… what were we talking about?

Oh yeah!!

Thor (the first movie not the actual guy) took me by surprise. I had always thought of Thor as one of those slightly ridiculous super-heroes spouting “thees” and “thous” and “wherefore-hithermore” while being un-relatable and distant. But little did I know that the folks at Marvel actually made Thor not only relatable but also created an awesome villain with Loki and a story I could really get behing! But could Thor 2 live up to the awesome surprise that was Thor one? Or like the second sip of a delicious latte’ that roasts your tongue and ruins your dreams of pumpkin deliciousness would the second attempt ruin the first?

The Plot:

It seems that long ago, before Miley Cyrus or fox related songs there was nothing but darkness. And not just regular darkness either. I’m talking darkity dark darkness of darkhood. And in said darkness lived the Dark Elves. And they were Dark. And stuff. And they, like old people and texting, weren’t okay with the change of the Universe when stuff got all bright and people got all “created” and stuff, so they decided to blow the whole thing up using something called the Ether or (as they felt the need to spell it) the Aether (ooohhh fancy. I bet the people who made that decision pronounce the “h” when they say “herbs”. But the elves were stopped by Thor’s granddaddy Bob… or Bjorn… or something.

Now several millennia later it seems the Aether is back as are Jane Foster, Thor, Loki, and a bunch of very weird looking helmets. Can Thor and Jane get back together after Thor completely ignored her through the entire plot of Avengers? What’s Loki up to now that his stylist is apparently on strike? And can they all stop the Dark Elves before they start spelling all of our words differently with no explanation at all??? Only this movie will tell!!

The Positives:

You can’t talk about this movie even for a little bit without talking about the great jobs done by Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston as Thor and Loki respectively. Loki wasn’t around for a ton of the movie but his character’s time is handled very well and his sections are some of the movies most memorable. As stated above I never thought Thor was a particularly grounded character but Hemsworth does a great job of making Thor not just awesome and lightning filled and bigger then entire caravans of Mack trucks but also relatable. Thor is easy to cheer for in these movies and that makes all the difference.

The script is VERY well balanced. The Dark World has some very serious and genuinely sad moments but it also isn’t afraid to crack a joke here and there. I made a big deal about Man of Steel taking itself too seriously and Thor: The Dark World is a great example of a movie that balances its humor with its gravitas.

There is still something awesome about watching a huge man with a hammer hit people. Nuff said.

The Negatrons:

A few fairly nitpicky things with this movie: I still can’t totally buy into Jane Foster and Thor. I don’t know whether it’s a chemistry thing between the two actors or the fact that they really only spend like… a week together in the first movie but I’m not totally sold on it. Neither of them are bad actors and I don’t even mind their characters really there’s just… something weird going down there.

I also was weirdly sketchy on the details of a few things that I don’t want to spoil for those of you who haven’t seen it yet so… I can’t really talk about them… which makes this whole paragraph kind of superfluous huh? Suffice to say: the movie takes some liberties with “magic” and “no-for-reals-this-happened” and don’t actually explain some stuff.

In Conclusion:

Thor: The Dark World is a great movie and a worthy successor to the first movie! The action is great, the story is well told, and the humor is spot on! Anchored by some great performances from Hemsworth and Hiddleston this series (which hopefully will continue) has nowhere to go but up!

I give it 4 Darkety Darknesses out of 5!

So there you go guys!! One of the two movies I watched this weekend! Be sure and check back Thursday for my review of Ender’s Game!

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