The Top Ten: Comic Book Villains

Posted: November 7, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity

Well hey, as you may have surmised from the big bold fonted title above this post: this is not a review of Ender’s Game. I will actually probably be watching it tomorrow along with Thor 2 later this weekend so… yeah… it’s gonna be a good weekend. All that to say, here’s a list of the best ten comic book villains (in movies.)

The Top Ten: Comic Book Villains

It’s worth nothing that I thought this list would be a lot easier then it turned out to be. There actually aren’t that many good villains (ha ha… puns) and most of the good ones are (with very little surprise) from Batman.  We’ve talked about my whole “Batman is interesting because of the villains” thing before so I’m not going to spend a paragraph going over it again but this sentence at least summarizes. Most super hero movies are awesome cause of the super heroes, Batman is awesome because he creates a super interesting stable against which to run a bunch of completely crazy people.

Other than Batman and the people below you’ve just got some super uninteresting people trying to do vaguely evil sounding things. But we’ll get back to that next time (or the next time I’m not reviewing something awesome.) It’s also worth mentioning this is a movies only list. I realize Galactus or Yourmommtus may have been awesome villains in Comic book 470/89 “Wolverine and the Magic Flute,” but this list (and myself) do not care. All that said: let’s get started.  

10. General Zod

   Ha ha ha no. Just kidding. I promise I will be getting slapped in the back of the head Gibbs style from my wife for this later but it was totally worth it.

For real number 10:  I’m splitting this between two people not because they both deserved this award but because they both didn’t. And only by putting them together could I justify including them on this list.

10 A: Abomination (the Incredible Hulk)

After having some of the worst villains ever in the original “Hulk” movie Abomination was at least an interesting opposite for Edward Norton’s floppy haired Hulk to fight. Also, his human version was played by Tim Roth from “Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead” and “Lie to Me” so… bonus points.

10B: Red Skull… ya know… before he became Red Skull (Captain America)

I love Hugo Weaving and I just watched V for Vendetta so… he’s on this list.  

9: Mandarin (Iron Man 3)

A lot of people complained about Mandarin in Iron Man 3 but I thought it was awesome and hilarious and genuinely surprising (something that happens very rarely especially in comic book movies.) Also mad props to Ben Kingsley who is the MAN. I’m deliberately not saying much here cause I don’t want to spoil anything for those of you who haven’t watched Iron Man 3 yet (what are you doing??? Go watch Iron Man 3!)

8: Two Face (The Dark Knight)

Okay now we’re doing a little better. I’m minus-ing points for Two-face only being a villain for half (tee-hee) of the movie and for Aaron Eckharts propensity for random shoutiness but Two-face is actually a fairly solid villain. Interesting back story, cool half-melty face look, AND he has the extreme benefit of not being Aaron Eckharts other character in the movie who was kind of really annoying and in love with Maggie Gyllenhall (ew.)

7: The Scarecrow (Batman Begins)

Ah Batman… thank you. Dr. Jonathon Crane drugged people with horrifying drugs of horrification and then drugged himself with help from Batman and went completely insane… which doesn’t really make a ton of sense really… Regardless Cillian Murphy does a great job with this character before tragically dying and being carried around on strings all throughout the movie In Time. We miss you Cillian.

6: Dock Ock (Spiderman 2)

Yeah!! Didn’t think you’d get some classic Spiderman on here did you? See, Spiderman 3 was such a horrible movie it semi ruined the rest of the series, I mean the first two movies were actually pretty good of their own accord. Spiderman 3 was like taking a couple delicious pizza’s, lighting them on fire, and covering them in the crushed dreams of ferrets before eating them. Anyway, Dock Ock in Spiderman 2 was awesome and it’s sad that he didn’t get more credit thanks to the things that were to come.

5: Bane (The Dark Knight Rises)

I’ll grant you that the Dark Knight Rises was not as good as the Dark Knight. But it was not Tom Hardy’s fault. Bane was great!! Huge and scary and surprisingly interesting despite having half his face covered by a live badger. Granted his persona took a hit when it turned out he was doing all of this “for luuuurve” but whatever. He was still awesome.

4: Loki (The Avengers, Thor)

Five angry women just instagram’d wrath filled picture at me. No for real. And I don’t even HAVE instagram. Regardless ladies I’m sorry but… this is the right place for him. Loki is great in Avengers and Thor and I fully expect him to continue to be awesome in Thor 2 but the straight truth is that he’s a decently one dimensional character at this point. I mean sure there’s still the whole “he and Thor are brothers” thing but honestly that’s more interesting for Thor then it is for Loki who mostly just takes advantage of it and then cackles like a girl while riding away on some form of space-horse. Anyway: number four is nothing to complain about lady friends. Calm yourselves.

3: Ras Al’Guhl (Batman Begins)

All right, the big three!! And what better way to start off the big three then with Liam Neeson!! Ras Al’Guhl is interesting cause he is actually a lot like Batman but minus the whole “morals” thing. Ras trains Bruce Wayne in the first place and semi-inspires the idea of Batman before strongly disagreeing with it… with fire.  Regardless of all that Ras’ does what all great villains do which is show the hero of the story something about himself or some way he could have taken a different path (like Laertes in Hamlet OHHHHH Theater nerds everywhere just spit all over the monitor in abject joy)  

2: Magneto (X-men 1, 2, 3, -1, -1.5… umm… there a lot of them)

Ah Magneto, well deserving of the second spot on this list and while I’m sure most of you have known who was going to take the top spot on this list I can honestly say I had to put a TON of thought into deciding between him and Magneto… a sad nerdy amount of thought… but thought none the less. Between the awesome screen work of Michael Fassbender and Ian McKellan and the natural tension between Magneto and Professor X, Magneto makes a strong run at the top spot. Magneto represents someone who is genuinely evil but also someone who you can actually see their point, and while you would never necessarily agree with him you can’t help but feel for his side of things. (and yes theater people he has done Shakespeare as well. Calm down… clean your spit off my blog)

1: The Joker (The Dark Knight)

In a shocking surprise to no one the Joker takes the top spot here. If we’re talking movies (and we are) you can’t just ignore Heath Ledger dropping one of the greatest performances ever recorded in the Dark Knight. Plus the Joker is just… interesting. In a horrifying sort of way, but there you have it. He’s someone who is evil purely to see what happens and as horrifyingly scary as that is it’s what makes him an interesting character. Kind of like (hang in there theater people no for real… brace yourselves) Iago from Othello. Yeah… think about that!! Makes complete sense. The wheel spins around, there’s nothing new under the sun, time is a river and the door is a jar.

So there you have it guys. The top ten of comic movies!! Happy. Days. Speaking of which next week I will (hopefully) be reviewing two (hopefully) awesome movies so come back and check that out! See you then!

P.S. WordPress is still being dumb about uploading pictures. I shall get to the bottom of this… one day.

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