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My fellow internetians, allow me to start this post with a message I think we can all appreciate, stand behind, and agree on: THE RED SOX ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES!!!! Party. On. Sing. A song.  I’d just like to point out how much I’ve matured over the years as well. I mean, the last time the Red Sox made the world series (07) I was in college and nearly burned a house to the ground. Literally, there was a fire place and a lot of jumping around and punching and cheering and some logs may or may not have come loose… it was complicated. This year there was just some jumping around and general celebratory-ness as my wife looked on (she’s getting used to these sorts of things). Despite all that I actually watched Gravity this weekend, which segue to my next topic:

Micah Reviews: Gravity

Gravity: because that whole "space is peaceful and relaxing" thing was WAY too fun.

Gravity: because that whole “space is peaceful and relaxing” thing was WAY too fun.

For several weeks now I have been shouting from the mountain tops that people really need to go watch Gravity. But I (like many before me) have been talking the talk without caulking the caulk. So this very weekend I marched out to my local movie theater, bought some popcorn and sat in a slightly less then comfortble chair to check out Gravity. But could this film possibly live up to my manly mountain top messages? Or would it get dragged down (tee-hee) to earth?

Editor’s note: apparently Micah feels it necessary to make some sort of “clever” pun in his first paragraph. Seriously look back at some of the older movie reviews, it’s like  his trademark. If by trademark you mean “Micah inevitably lighting himself on fire.” I’m just saying, maybe skip that paragraph in the future… no one will judge you.

The Plot:

Gravity opens up in the far reaches of space as a Star Destroyer slowly pans over the camera and the planet—ahem… sorry. Gravity opens up in space as a shuttle orbits over the distant planet Earth. It seems we shuffled off to the shuttle on this particular occasion to install some sort of new something or other (it’s never explained clearly, exactly what we’re installing but neither does it really ever matter.) Installing the something-or-other is scientist Ryan Stone (who despite all name indications is a woman.) Ryan is not an astronaut (which you could probably tell by the fact that I put the word “scientist” in front of her name) and with her is astronaut Matt Kowalski (who (in a continuation of my unnecessary clarification theme) does not play third base for the Chicago Cubs) this is Kowalksi’s last mission before he hangs up his space boots and calls it a career.

You spin my George right round right round, when you float down when you float up, down!

You spin my George right round right round, when you float down when you float up, down!… Yeah… I’m kind of ashamed about what just happened.

However, when some space trash (literal trash not like… a trashy person) collides with the shuttle Ryan is disconnected from the now destroyed ship and sent spiraling off into space. It’s up to her and Kowalski to find each other in the vast emptiness of space and figure out a way to get home.   

The Positives:

It’s impossible to talk at all about this movie without talking about the acting performances of George Clooney (Kowalski) and Sandra Bullock (Dr. Stone.) One of the reasons it’s impossible to do that is because they are pretty much the only actors in this movie, Occasional voices float in and out and we get to look at some corpses but that’s abou it. Other than that it’s all Clooney and Bullock which is not in any way a bad thing. Clooney and Bullock (or Cloollock as I should probably never call them again) are absolutely brilliant and play off each other incredibly well as the movie goes on. Clooney has always been brilliant and continues to be here but I was really impressed with Bullock’s performance as she’s been a lot more hit and miss as far as acting goes. Even her “best” performance in the Blind Side I wasn’t blown away by but in my opinion this is her best work by far. She takes a tough character, goes through some genuine change and makes her very sympathetic and relatable. Just great performances by both of the leads here, which (seeing as they really aren’t leading anyone) is a very very good thing.

"Umm, I have a question?"

“Umm, I have a question?”

The script is awesome. It’s under toned to be sure, no one makes any big long speeches but the characters are extremely believable and every line serves a purpose. It’s a gorgeous script that keeps you engaged with the characters without making you even notice that your engaged.

As far as visuals goes Gravity is pretty much awesome. It gives you an incredible look at the vast and beautiful, terrible emptiness, that is space without making you feel like you’re watching a documentary. The movie shows you some gorgeous stuff but never in a way that disconnects you from the story.

Finally, the pacing of the movie is great! Gravity clocks in at a “short” hour and a half or so and it uses every minute of that hour and a half perfectly. It doesn’t pad itself with unnecessary dialogue or scenery shots, it doesn’t overstay it’s welcome by throwing flashbacks or anything like that at you. In a world where movies seem to be getting longer and longer without (in most cases) enough real material to justify it, Gravity simply is what it is. And it is awesome.

The Negatrons:

If I wanted to I could talk about some tiny nit-picky things like Ryan Stones ability to read multiple languages and guess button pushes in a complicated shuttle she’s never been in before but why bother? It’s not like the movie makes a big deal out of it, and it certainly didn’t bother me at the time so… why mention it? Though I kind of just did….

In conclusion:

Gravity is an incredibly paced, wonderfully acted, bueatifully filmed movie and it more than lives up to its five star potential. If you haven’t seen this movie yet you need to, you want to, you’ll love to.

I give it 5 unnecessary clarifications, out of 5!    

So there you have it guys! My first 5 out of 5 since… Star Trek right? Go watch it, and then check back in Thursday when I start breaking down some Holloween costumary!

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