Fall TV Preview 2013

Posted: September 16, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Hey everyone! Happy Monday (Ha ha) and welcome back to Thoughts We Might Have Had. Last Thursday I spent the whole time trying to pretend like I had something to talk about when I actually didn’t. Now however upon this day (in the year of Our Lord 2013) I absolutely have something to talk about! And that thing is:

New TV Shows of 2013!!

Yes sir it’s that time of year again! Time to saddle up, pony down, and water… troughs… or something. So without further ado here’s some of the new stuff coming to your small screen this year!

Almost Human

JJ Abrams latest TV series stars Karl Urban as the human half of a buddy cop team featuring one human cop and one Robocop—wait no… that’s a different thing—I mean an “android.” Honestly this looks like a pretty cool series. I’ve liked Karl Urban since he was screaming things at Orcs and stabbing things with stabby spears so why not jump in on show that seems to be well written and have more to it than originaly meets the eye. My only problem with it is that the thing is on Fox and Fox shares their TV shows like a Hedgehog shares hedges. Which means I probably won’t be watching it until it comes on Netflix roughly ten years from now… then again Fox cancelled Firefly so… are we surprised their evil??

"Fox did what?"

“Fox did what?”

The Crazy Ones

A show starring Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Geller that has something to do with a crazy genius in charge of an advertising company and his daughter who tries to keep the thing afloat. I don’t know if this series will actually be any good but you’ve got to give Robin Williams a chance right? I mean sure he hasn’t really been in anything funny for the last decade or so but—he’s still Robin Williams. Somewhere in there something funny must have survived the apocalypse of his “serious acting” phase, right? A last flower of comedy in the barren wasteland of Robin Williams career? I think it’s worth finding out.


NBC continues its desperate search for good television. It’s not really a search so much as it is a desperate scramble, like a kid diving into the McDonald’s ball pit looking for a dollar and trying not to contract any of the thousands of diseases held by each one of the balls. Anyway its latest attempt is Dracula, a series featuring everyone’s favorite “somewhat okay but not really that good” actor: Jonathon Rhys Meyer. Basically Dracula has returned to Victorian London posing as an American businessman but actually (as you may have guessed) he’s out to murder people for various Vampire reasons. Whilst murdering he discovers his dead wife has been reincarnated as a live wife at a nearby live comedy club. No real high hopes here but hey at least Vampires are back to murdering people rather then just being glittery and having complex emotional experiences that aren’t really that complex, so that’s something.

As Daddy Dracula used to tell him "A vampire is only as evil as his hat."

As Daddy Dracula used to tell him “A vampire is only as evil as his hat.”

Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD

Sign me up for this. Agent Coulson (who did not in fact die in The Avengers) returns but this time as the head of his very own special SHIELD commando group as they try and contend with an ever changing world of Super-heroes and Villains. Joss Whedon helms the show and wrote the pilot and given his aptitude for awesome series’ based on a tight team of people I am all in on Agents of SHIELD.

The Michael J Fox Show

Speaking of things I’m all in on, I am currently all in on being all out on The Michael J Fox show. I get it, he has parkinsons and that’s very hard, and he plays a character with parkinson’s which I’m sure could have led to an interesting show but so far every commercial I have watched for this show just makes it look like a hastily thrown together generic sitcom because “Hey Michael J Fox agreed to do a show and we’re NBC!” This is like if someone gave you one really awesome apple so you decided to make an apple pie despite the fact that you don’t have a pie crust, a pie pan, any cooking knowledge, a first grade education, or a stove. Not exactly a recipe for greatness.

Sleepy Hollow

I haven’t completely settled on how I feel about this show. The basic premise is that after 250 years Ichabod Crane (he of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow) comes back to life and partners up with modern day Sheriff Abbie Mills to solve various supernatural mysteries around the town. It seems the spirts/ghouls/evil town ferrets have all been roused by Death/The Headless Horseman who also recently re-appeared and started to party like it’s 1776. Not sure if the show will be good but the premise seems interesting enough so I’ll probably check out the first episode just to see what’s going on.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

Normally I would be very excited about any new spin on Alice in Wonderland. I love the original work and have even written my own stage adapatation! That said this particular series it a spin off of “Once Upon A Time” a series with an awesome idea and TERRIBLE HORRIBLE writing and acting… yeah. Not sure how I feel about this one. I’ll probably at least check out the first episode just to see if ABC hired someone with a fourth grade education to pen this thing but my hopes are not high.

So there you go guys! An actual article, with actual content! My work here: is done!! See you Thursday from some of the ever classic weekly headlines!!

  1. Katrina says:

    Hey, so, since I was named after Katrina from the original Legend of Sleepy Hollow (which explains sundry other weirdnesses in my life), what did you end up thinking about Sleepy Hollow? I watched the first episode two nights ago and am not really planning on returning to it, BUT I’d love to hear your opinion anyway.

  2. Micah says:

    It also explains James’ uncanny resemblance to the Ichabod Crane in the original book. I talked about the Horseman stuff in today’s blog but I thought it was pretty interesting. I try not to judge shows based just on their pilot (unless they’re REALLY bad) but I’d say Sleepy Hollow earned itself a double check on the second episode.

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