I Married An Alien: Shameless Self Promotion

Posted: August 29, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Hey everyone!! Do you remember last month when I took some time to undisguisedly promote my own interests and projects? Well now that it’s been a little less than a month and there are only 48 hours left to go on the campaign it’s time for:

Micah’s Shameless Self Promotion Part 2:

Attack of the Clones– I mean — 10 Reasons You Should Support I Married An Alien 

Reason 1: We are in no way affiliated with Miley Cyrus!!

A lot of people e-mailed me asking my thoughts on the whole “Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s” debacle and all I can say is… why are we all so surprised by this? I mean, what was the last sound life decision Miley Cyrus made? She could cover herself in grape jello and move in with a family of water buffalo and I wouldn’t be surprised… in fact that would be a fairly stable decision on her part. Anyway, I promise Miley Cyrus will NOT be in this series, so why not donate?

Reason 2: The show stars these people:

Reason 3: Director Collins White looks hauntingly like a slightly better kempt Peter Jackson.

So it makes complete sense that this series will be a slightly better cut version of The Hobbit, and if there’s one thing the Hobbit needed it was a slightly better cut! For instance: Radagast, long scenes involving old people talking about things that won’t matter until the next movie, and Radagast again.

So if he's a much better kept Peter Jackson, I'm just like a less hairy Aragorn... right??

So if he’s a much better kept Peter Jackson, I’m just like a less hairy Aragorn… right??

Reason 4: A 50 dollar donation gets you a copy of the show AND an awesome Mongoose audio commentary!

Me and Ben and Dave have actually already done an audio commentary and it was hilarious!!… Though not released to the public for copywrite reasons. Historically speaking one of the main causes of awesome things being even more awesome has been Mongoose though, so that’s got to be a win right?.

Reason 5: Aliens are in.

Shows like Doctor Who and movies like Star Trek: Into Darkness have given us an awesome look at what aliens who mostly look exactly like humans are capable of. Now it’s time to just give in to the awesome completely and support the new wave of awesome alien hilarity that is I Married An Alien.

Reason 6: Cause episode 2 is worth living for!! – I mean donating for…

You know how Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones was quite possibly the worst thing to happen to the Star Wars universe outside of Jar Jar Binks? This isn’t like that at all. In fact (and this is just the opinion of the person who writes the scripts) I actually like Episode 2 BETTER! And that’s not a slight on script 1, I like script 1. Script 1 is a majestic eagle swooping over the glittering ocean of comedy wonder. Script 2 is a majestic eagle swooping over the glittering ocean of comedy wonder, while wearing a golden fedora.

Reason 7: Have I mentioned that we are so confident about this shows sweetness that we are showing you part of the show? Cause we are.

Reason 8: Apparently I’m going to be licking a lot of things.

People who like me have probably already donated (there aren’t many people who like me.) Or are at least considering donating, so this one is for the people who don’t like me (of which there are far more.) Worst case scenario for you: I lick a lot of gross things. Best case scenario for you: I lick something, catch a horrible disease and die. It’s a win, win for you.

P.S. Just so everyone knows when I wrote the original script at no point did I write in there “I lick painting.” That was all (as they say in the biz) improvised on set.

Reason 9: 52 awesome people have already donated.

If 52 awesome people jumped off a bridge, sprouted wings and sailed off into the sunset singing “wind beneath my wings” would you jump off the bridge too?

Absolutely you would.

Reason 10: This is your chance to get in on the ground floor of an awesome project with a great cast and crew who have nothing but blood, sweat and gummy bears to pour into making you feel great about your contribution.

I Married an Alien is a new project, a project being pushed by a great team of actors, an awesome director, and a script written by a man who regularly dips his French fries in milk-shakes! Join the team, help us make something new and awesome and exciting! You won’t regret it!

Here is a link: I Married An Alien Kickstarter

So there you go everyone!! Shameless self-promotion, Miley bashing, and the word “lick” appearing way too many times.   I’ll see you all Monday by which time the Kickstarter will be done and we can all go back about our regularly scheduled blogging.

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