Micah’s History of Everything: I Married An Alien

Posted: August 1, 2013 by Micah in A History of Everything
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 Internet! What’s going on? How’s living? What’s shaking? Who’s baking? How’s umm… quaking??? Okay, all that aside, this is a serious day! A day to stand on ceremony, to pomp some circumstance, and to do a tiny yet serious dance interpretation.

Recently (and by recently I mean last year) I was approached by a dragon riding a pogo stick… I mean by a man riding a car… or in a car. Probably that one. Anyway, he was probably in  a car or a bus or a pony or something–

Let me start again.

At some point in the dear dim, doughy past, Collins White (founder of Other Vision studios and legendary Viking hat collector) asked if I wanted to have lunch and listen while he pitched me his idea for a TV mini-series. At the time, I was living in something between abject poverty (being really poor) and abstract poverty (being really poor and kind of confused) so when someone used the word “lunch” in a sentence I was already agreeing with them before they got to the end of said sentence. At the time I was still in grad school (I’m not anymore… I should really update the “About” section huh?) and was (to put it mildly) busier than a worker bee on red bull. Whatever Collins’ project was I was probably not going to accept it if nothing else just because I had my hand in so many artistic pies that I was beginning to develop carpal tunnel (delicious carpal tunnel but still).

Me and the Director Collins on set. We're probably still changing the script somehow here.

Me and the Director Collins on set. We’re probably still changing the script somehow here.

Anyway, the problem (if you want to view it that way) was that Collins’ (or Collin’s or Collins’s… whatever) pitch was really good. The project sounded very cool, the characters were awesome, the idea was fun, and the project development plan was really solid. Plus Collins threw around big fancy words like “head writer” “acting involvement” and “a Zaxby’s club basket with a sweet tea.” So (like many writers before me) I agreed to a project that I probably didn’t have time for because I had already written one or two funny lines for it in my head.

After this first meeting there were a few other ones as I started moseying around creating a pilot script for the show (entitled I Married An Alien.) There were rough drafts, smooth drafts, genuine drafts, and a draft from the screen door that I kept leaving open for some reason. But finally: we had a script!!

Of course the first thing you do when you have a script is take that script and show it the town. You take that script to dinner, lunch reservations, and shopping at the very finest of Gamestops. Once you’re done with that you usually sit down and decide that you don’t actually like the script that much, tear the whole thing to pieces, and start all over again from mostly scratch. Once you’ve done that (several times) you need some actors who will read the script and give you deep insightful feedback like “this script sucks” “I don’t have enough lines” and “I was told there would be snacks.”

Me and Collins collected a crack team of actors for this service who cracked corn like Jimmy never could and had them sit down to read through the script. Amongst our weaponry were such diverse weapons as (raise your hand if you got that reference) David Bean, Lindsay Morgan, and my very own wonderful wife Cassie Thompson.   All joking aside, they were awesome. And after our first read through of the script we knew we had the cast that we wanted to go to war with!

Me making one of my legendary attempts to capture the moon. It nearly worked I swear.

Me making one of my legendary attempts to capture the moon. It nearly worked I swear.

Our next step was to try and figure out how to record the project without breaking our banks (or in some cases our backs or (in even rarer cases) our banks backs.) We ended up scraping up enough nickels and dimes to buy coffee and once we had coffee we figured out a way to scrape up even more nickels and dimes to be able to actually film. So we did.

VERY late at night. On multiple occasions we filmed well past 1 o’clock in the morning and on one of the occasions I’m pretty sure I blew out the retina in my right eye. Either that or a tiny invisible leprechaun was attempting to tunnel into my school using a rusty spoon and clown mallet… it was hard to tell at the time. Regardless of my lack of eye though the film was filmed, the show was shown and now here we are. In America.

I mean: on Kickstarter.

So if you’re a fan of this site (which I’m gonna assume you are since, you’re here) and a fan of my writing (which I’m going to assume you are cause you’re reading it right now… see?) you should really check out I Married An Alien because it features both my writing and my face (which actually may work out to be a negative thing… hm…) regardless check out the link below, hop over to the kickstarter, and feel free to help us out with your support be it financial, substantial, or bilingual.

The Link: I Married An Alien

Thanks for reading everyone, have a great weekend, and check back Monday when I review: The Wolverine.

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