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Posted: June 17, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Oh Monday. There are Mondays, and then there are Mondays after a week of vacation where you never once so much as thought the words “up at 7” let alone achieved that grizzly, horrible, terrible goal. Ew. I feel sick just thinking about it and thinking about that I’m doing it while feeling sick thinking about it? Uh.

Anyway, my whiny, moany first world problem aside let’s talk about some movies shall we? Or, more accurately, movie. Or, yay unto even more accurately:

Micah Reviews: The Croods

A cave-man family. Great... now I'm gonna have the Adams family song stuck in my head all day... and now you will too. Tee-hee.

A cave-man family. Great… now I’m gonna have the Adams family song stuck in my head all day… and now you will too. Tee-hee.

Wow… I don’t think that’s ever rhymed before. Weird… … what we were talking about? Oh yeah. The Croods reviews.

You may or may not remember this but I was actually kinda down on the Croods while it was in theaters. In fact to briefly quote my high and honored self I called it: “A fairly generic looking family comedy thing about a cave-family that goes on journey to somewhere for something that I probably don’t care about.” I then proceeded to say that other people who had watched it had said it was good but that I wasn’t particularly interested.

So, was I write to be dubious or is The Croods a diamond in the old cave man typed rough?

The Plot:

The Croods is a movie (ironically enough) about a family called the Croods. The Croods (Ugh, Grugh, Mug, Chug, Bug, and Alexander… Believe it or not two of those are the real names of characters in this movie) live (as you might expect from cave men (in a cave).  They like the cave, they hug the cave, the cave is (for lack of a better term) their homeboy. Except that is for the young precocious sexy voiced (but ugly bodied) daughter who I will call Popa (Editor’s note: don’t ask.) Popa wants more than this provincial life, she wants to explore whole new worlds, and see what’s around the river bend, and while she is doing this one night she meets Guy, a guy. Guy says some strange things about the world ending and “fire” and how one day people will regard Justin Timberlake as a serious actor and Popa is (understandably perhaps) intrigued.

Her father who really for real is named Grug disapproves of this newcomer with his noticeable lack of shirt and boyish good looks but when massive earthquakes massively shake the massive cave they all live in he is given little choice but to embark with his family, guy, and a rotating cast of interesting animals on a journey to self-discovery, to family togetherness, and to modern indoor plumbing.

I get this exact same expression from pretty girls after one of my legendary all Pancake Karate demonstrations.

I get this exact same expression from pretty girls after one of my legendary all Pancake Karate demonstrations.

The Positives:

First off you can’t talk about the Croods without talking about some of the very very cool monster designs that they use in the movie. It’s like they took a picture of two modern animals, then drank forty red bulls and banged their head on a desk before mashing the two together. Half owl half panther? Most def. Two lemurs with their tails glued together?? Sure!! A bird mixed with a crocodile? For surelio!! Every animals is handled with care and imagination and it really gives you something to look at each time a new creature is brought to the screen.

For instance this tiny mouselephant, which begs the question if this is half mouse half elephant is this thing afraid of itself?

For instance this tiny mouselephant, which begs the question: if this is half mouse half elephant is this thing afraid of itself?

The family dynamic is played pretty well and the voice acting is really solid. Nic Cage, Emma Stone, and Ryan Reynolds really bring a ton of life to their characters and the dialogue is funny and touching in all the right places. It won’t have you in stitches or in tears but it does enough of both to make you connect with the characters and really appreciate what’s going on in the film.

Finally it’s just a very distinct movie, it really knows what it wants to do, executes it well, and gives you a lot to look at while it’s doing it. It ticks off all the boxes of a sort of “semi-generic family movie” but it also pushes the boundaries a little bit into becoming its own thing and presenting you with its own world. It’s not gonna blow you away with ingenuity but neither will it leave you sleeping away while it tells the same story you’ve heard before.

The Negatrons:

The last statement of positives is also half a negative. The movie rings a little generic which isn’t a bad thing per se but isn’t a great thing either. Yeah… I’m confused by that sentence too.

I don’t want to give away too much but I felt like there was a lot of talk about “finding a paradise” and stuff which was either completely ignored or just kind of… forgotten. It was just really weird cause you felt like the movie was building toward a plot point where either everyone got what they want or everyone learned to cope with the fact that they weren’t getting what they wanted but the movie just sort of ended without going either direction. Once again I didn’t feel like it was a huge deal but it was a deal… or no deal…. Or something. Let’s move on shall we?

In conclusion:

The Croods is a great family film with a very interesting world and a great balance between hitting your funny bone and pulling at your heartstrings. It doesn’t break new ground or make any deep statements with its “paradise” motif but it is still a good movie set in a very very interesting world.

I give it 3 Popas out of 5.

 Thanks for reading everyone, check back Thursday when I will maybe hopefully, kind of probably, review Man of Steel…. Assuming I have watched it by then.

  1. Amy says:

    Hey Micha!

    You’re really funny! I was on a google image search stream of consciousness looking up ballerina feet (like you do while you’re reading “Power of Habit” by Duhigg and trying to resist the temptation to step outside for a smoke) and then trying to unlook-up ballerina feet, and came across an image from your site. Then I started reading and couldn’t stop! You’re really clever and write well, good luck in all your endeavors. I’ll be adding this site to my bookmarks.



  2. Micah says:

    Thanks so much Amy! So glad to have you on board and hope you continue to enjoy the site!!

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