Five Reasons I Believe in the Man of Steel

Posted: April 23, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Hey internet! Sorry I missed my posting yesterday, I just started a new job and as such my schedule has (understandably) become less fluid and more gelatinous. Probably what’s gonna happen from now on is I’ll be posting the blogs earlier in the mornings on Monday and Thursday and then advertising them on Facebook when I return to my lonely lonely laptop in the evening (same things going for the Podcast) all that said let’s get to a blog that I honestly thought I would never ever right. A blog whose title you already saw but which I am going to write again anyway, cause I’m addicted to the all consume power rush of the “center” button.

Five Reasons I Believe in the Man of Steel 

I’ve been everywhere from “this is a terrible idea” to “meh, it could work” to “cautiously optimistic” to “cautiously optometrist” on the Man of Steel. Superman is just not all that interesting to me, but (all that being said/typed) the last couple trailers have (dare we say it) turned me into a believer. I’ve talked already about how making a Superman origin movie (which this is) is probably the only way to make a good Superman movie but since I have already talked about that, and then talked about the fact that I talked about it, I’m not gonna talk about it…. I think.

5. Chris Nolan and Zach Snyder

I’ll be the first person to admit that Zach Snyder is a bit ummm… extreme? When it comes to filmmaking. I mean 300 was okay in a men in underpants sort of way (more on underpants later… wow… never thought I’d type that sentence.) But Sucker Punch was just weird and trippy and somehow took the concept “hot girls with ninja swords” and made it confusing and not worth the journey. But if Snyder has one thing going for him it’s visual flair, and ya know what Superman needs? Some flair. More then just “you’re evil, and I shall punch you in the bracket” I have no idea what the action in this movie will be like but I promise you, it will not be the same old same old.

Secondly there’s Nolan (famed maker of Batman, Inception, and sliced bread) who is tagged in this movie as the “producer” now sometimes that means a lot of different things and in this case (I’m guessing) it means “sort of hung out and offered advice” and while I’d much rather have him as the Director if I could choose one person to hang around the set of a Superman movie and occasionally say “wow that’s a stupid idea” it would be Chris Nolan, and lo and behold thither he is. Or hither. Or wither… or something.

4. General Zod

General Zod: A man with decidedly sinister chin whiskers.

General Zod: A man with decidedly sinister chin whiskers.

General Zod is by no means the best DC Comics villain, or even the best Superman villain but what he is, is a little something I like to call “not Lex Luthor.” I don’t have anything per se against Luthor but he is the villain that a lot of filmmakers have settled on, and his plans generally go “something something something destroy the world something something isn’t corporate America terrible.” It’s nice to finally get a Superman movie with a villain that can actually hurt superman using something other then Kryptonite (more on this later.)

3. The Cast

Quick notes on the people I’m excited about watching in this movie.

Russel Crowe: I’m guessing he doesn’t have a huge part in this particular movie (he plays Superman’s dad or (as he is more commonly known) Superpop) but he’s gonna do (what I’m guessing) will be some cool stuff at the beginning before being relegated to voice over work and really there aren’t a lot of people with a better voice with which to over things.

Amy Adams: I’m going out on a limb here, but maybe, just maybe, this will be a Lois Lane who is not annoying and stupid and whiny and standing around being in distress so that Superman can rescue her. Amy Adams is a very talented actress with a good track record and I really hope they don’t waste her by having her dangled over some precipice so that Superman can come and snatch her out of the air just before she lands on an evil elephant or something.

Henry Cavill: Let’s just take a second and look at a picture of the last Superman or as I like to call him “Jr. High Girl Superman.”

Uhh... I just threw up...

Uhh… I just threw up…

I don’t have anything against that Superman, I mean he was creepy and wimpy and smug and looked like a particularly slim woman but I have nothing against him. Henry Cavill looks like a mountain man who eats other mountain men. I’m not saying you have to be huge to play Superman, I’m just saying it helps if you look like a man. Cavill has some pretty good talent and I think he’ll do a good job with the character and the action sequences!

2. No Underpants

Granted we've still got the cape thing going but apparently Edna Mose still hasn't had him in for a sit down yet.

Granted we’ve still got the cape thing going but apparently Edna Mose still hasn’t had him in for a sit down yet.


Yay!! Honestly, I’m not even sure I need to say more then this but I will anyway. I mean, hey I understand, plenty of Super heroes do the whole Outer-under pants maneuver. But I think it’s definitely something we should start discouraging… a lot. And who better to lead the way in keeping our undergarments under our garments then old Superman. Plus, that costume is just awesome, it actually looks like it’s made out of something other then Spandex, we all know that “Superman’s suit is almost as strong as he is cause if it wasn’t he’d have to spend a fortune on tailoring” thing but at least know the suit looks like it could be that strong.

1. No Kryptonite

Ah Kryptonite the ultimate convenient Super hero weakness device. I understand why Kryptonite is a thing, after all Superman’s skin is tougher then the plot of a foreign film, he’s stronger then the odor of high school locker room, and he can leap the single ladies song in a single bound… or something. You need something to level the playing field, but it seems like every villain who Superman happens to be bother on any particular day of the week happens to have a fork made of kryptonite, or a necklace that there mom gave them that just happened to have some kryptonite in it, or something like that. It’s reached the point of laughable predictability, we get it, we see it coming, we know that at some point somebody will whip out some kryptonite and turn Superman into something equally as fierce as a particularly fearful rabbit. I just think it’s a really cheap way out, a stupid way to solve the Superman problem and just (on the whole) REALLY really old. With General Zod (a guy from Superman’s home planet) we’ve got a villain on Superman’s level who doesn’t need to wave any Kryptonite that he got from his Nanna around.

So there you go friends, five reasons I, a man who has done little else BUT mock Superman, am actually psyched for this summer’s Man of Steel. Mark it down, write it up, print it out, and we’ll see what I think when the movie actually comes out! Thanks for reading, and we’ll see you Thursday!

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