CG Animated Movies: The Top Ten

Posted: April 18, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey Internet, and here we are again, another Thursday another CG Animated typed posting. The last of them, the big one, the bold one, the… blue one. I think… maybe. To check out the CG movies I haven’t watched click here and to view the bottom five click here, but now let us dive forth into the frothing, rolling seas of my brain to wave at the little thought fishes and to fear the razor sharp teeth of my sarcasm Orcas…or Orci… whatever.


Look, some Orci! Orcuses... yeah, never gonna get that right...

Look, some Orci! Orcuses??? yeah, never gonna get that right…

Number 10: Flushed Away

A somewhat little known movie, Flushed Away features the vocal talents of Hugh Jackmen and Ian McKellon!! I mean that’s like… two thirds of the good actors in the X-men franchise right there! The movie also has singing slugs, French toad ninjas (exactly as funny as that sounds), and probably a lot of other things that I don’t remember at all (it’s been a while). Sure it’s about a mouse and a sewer and features a lot of plumbing related adventures but Flushed Away is more than worthy of the Number 10!

Number 9: The Incredibles

Hey look it’s the Incredibles! A movie that had Samuel L. Jackson in it as the legendary Frozone, and featured lots of little kids running around and punching things, the Incredibles also featured a great BS joke and lots of other jokes that sailed merrily over the heads of its child audience and smacked we adults squarely in the forehead. Of course this movie also played on a couple fighting over something as comedy which (let me tell you) it is not. Ever. Never.

Number 8: Hoodwinked

I watched this movie recently and was very surprised to find that the animation in it is actually SUPER dated looking (and not like… take you out on a date, dated. The other kind. The old kind. So if a dated couple goes on a dated date and were to (perchance) eat dates… that’d be all good? Right?) Regardless of that though Hoodwink’s take on the Big Bad Wolf was probably one of the funniest things ever. Sure it had a really annoying song with a goat and some horns, and a weird talking pink bunny; but that wolf was hilarious.

Number 7. Monsters Inc.

A movie that was somehow both about Monsters and energy conservation, Monsters Inc served as a great reminder to us all that Billy Crystal can be funny (regardless of his trying REALLY hard to convince us otherwise in the last couple years.) The adventures of Sully and Mike took us to a warmer happier place where bosses are giant crabs and girlfriends have carnivorous hair.

So if the abominable snowman is an exiled monster is Medusa Mike's girlfriends great great Grandma?

So if the abominable snowman is an exiled monster, is Medusa Mike’s girlfriends great great Grandma?

Number 6: Shrek

I’ll admit that sequels to this movie seemed to go out of their way to try and ruin the original but nothing can tarnish the Robin Hood song, the arena fight, or Eddie Murphy when he was actually still kind of funny (sort of like Billy Crystal.) Shrek is one of the few animated movies that resonated more with adults then with kids. Other movies have really tried to do it since but most of them just tried to gross us into thinking that they were funny which I have found rarely works.

Number 5: Tangled

The official home of the best Disney Song Ever (check out the article here) Tangled also featured some hilarious plot points, a cool take on an old story, and (of course) a great great horse. (Someone asked me to do an article ranking the Disney horses and while that probably won’t happen I’ll go ahead and just give you the breakdown here: 3: Prince Phillip’s Horse 2: Achilles from Hunchback of Notre Dame 1: Maximus from Tangled. And no “Spirit” from Walt Disney’s movie “Spirit: 90 minutes of no talking” did not make it.)

Number 4: How To Train Your Dragon

I didn’t watch this movie for YEARS after it came out but when I finally did I realized how much I had been missing. If nothing else just the special effect of the main dragons fire breath is WELL worth the price of entry let alone the phrase “Massive Dragon of Doom Death Deathitiness” being taken to whole new levels… and I use that phrase a lot. No really. All the time.

Number 3: Megamind

I loved this movie. The whole thing was just this giant spoof of super hero films and animated movies and Will Ferrel did an awesome job voicing the main villain. The story, the humor, and just the way way over the topness of this movie all combine to make it one of my favorites.

No really, it was good, stop looking at me like that.

No really, it was good, stop looking at me like that.

Number 2. Toy Story 2

One of the few sequels I can think of that was better then the original, Toy Story 2 told a great story about some of our favorite Toys out to save the world!!—No wait— I mean a doll. Out to save a doll. But oh what an important doll it was!! Mr. Potato Head and the Piggybank just kept rolling out the great one liners and the Zerg vs. Buzz lightyear fight still plays merrily through whatever parts of my heart aren’t broken and decaying like so many dead T-rex toys.

Number 1. Rango

A movie that a depressing amount of people haven’t seen Rango is an amazing movie, with an amazing story, and a really really great sense of humor. Sure there’s a really weird section where a Lizard talks to “the spirit of the West” but aside from that Rango is probably the movie that best strikes the balance between being a “kids movie” and having a lot of jokes aimed right at my cynical heart! So thanks Rango, thanks for being you!

Everybody say it with me: Thank you Johnny Depp.

Everybody say it with me: Thank you Johnny Depp.

Well there you have it friends! The Ten Best CG Animated movies! Thanks for reading and come back Monday when I will give you the 5 Reasons that I, Micah, am officially buying Man of Steel.

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  1. Katrina says:

    I thought you hated Will Ferrell. I’m surprised a movie with him in it made your list. 🙂

    • Micah says:

      Believe it or not I don’t. I just hate most of his movies, that’s all. One of my favorite movies of all time is “Stranger Then Fiction” which stars Will Ferrell and (as you may have noticed) I really liked Megamind. Most of Ferrell’s movies happen to be mindless, stupid, unintelligent, stupid, dumb, poorly written, and stupid; but that doesn’t mean I don’t like him!! (though I suppose I can understand the confusion)

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