TV Top 10 Part 2

Posted: January 25, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey the People, and welcome to the second part of what was probably the most exciting first part of a thing that you read all day yesterday… assuming you read it. If not you probably should. It was hilarious. Like, spit chewing gum out of your mouth and on to great Aunt Clarice hilarious. And who doesn’t love that kind of funny? Anyway here’s the top 5 of my top ten movies!!

But first, a brief review: So I watched Coriolanus earlier this evening. Weird movie. I thought the acting was great, I thought the setting was cool, I even thought the story was mostly sort of kind of okay. But the last twenty minutes basically boiled down to the main character being a complete wimp and then a bunch of people stabbing him. And then it ended. I’m not saying Shakespeare swung and missed with this one, I’m just saying he fouled one off into the stands. And probably hit a fan in the face. It wasn’t my least favorite Shakespeare play and it was definitely still worth the watching, but let’s just say it won’t be dethroning Hamlet anytime soon.

Seriously though: the top 5.

Number 5:

Arrested Development

And another comedy strikes!! Here’s the thing: Arrested Development is like no other comedy you will ever see in your life. The show was just hysterical, and intelligent, and witty, and dry and pretty much written exactly for people like me. The cast was great, the writing was rock solid, and the characters they created never stopped finding ways to make me laugh. It’s been off the air for a while now but Netflix resurrected it and is bringing it back around for another pass sometimes this summer-ish! Needless to say: I am WAY beyond excited.

PLEASE bring back Mrs. Featherbottom!

PLEASE bring back Mrs. Featherbottom!

Number 4:


Shawn Spencer: if I have been compared to one TV character more then any others it is DEFINITELY Shawn. Maybe it’s our mutual appreciation for pineapple, our rugged good looks, or the fact that we can’t focus on a conversation if there’s a sweet sweet fruited smoothie in the same room as us. I don’t know, but I wear the “You remind me of Shawn” label proudly… and sometimes literally. Psych is just one of those shows that keeps you coming back, with a great cast, hilarious writing, and some really inventive ways to mix up it’s formula from week to week. I’m about to get really pretentious and British and even a little bit funky with my next few picks but there are just few things more straight up fun, then an episode of Psych.

Both of us also possess the ability to speak with food.

Both of us also possess the ability to speak with food.

Number 3:


Win!! Do you guys remember the time that CBS watched Sherlock and thought to themselves “Man… the British did an updated version of Sherlock with new characters and interesting storylines and really really good scriptwriting and some absolutely awesome actors! What if we did an updated version of Sherlock Holmes, stuck it in New York, got a drunk mallard duck to write a script, stuck Lucy Liu in there cause she’s the only person who returned our calls, and then just sort of sneezed all over the plot lines?!?! People will love it!!” Oh CBS… (*sad head shaking*)

Sherlock (the BBC/GOOD version) is awesome. Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are the perfect Holmes and Watson and the cast of characters and scripts that are built around those characters are just absolutely brilliant. There is no other word for it.

And now…

Number 2:

Doctor Who

Yup!! Doctor Who at number 2. And no I did NOT put it hear just cause it rhymed. Stop that. Stop looking at me like that… Pure coincidence. Seriously though: I’ll explain why it’s number 2 when we get to number 1, for now let’s just take a moment and revel in the awesome.

Doctor Who has been consistently one of the best shows on TV for YEARS. Whether you’re a fan of Eccleston, Tennant, or Smith (or whether you don’t know at all who those characters are) I’m here to tell you there is nothing quite so rewarding as a trip in the TARDIS. The amazing thing about Doctor Who is just the stability of the awesome that comes from every episode. Oh sure I certainly have my favorites but each episode of Doctor Who just strikes such a great balance of humor, drama, and legitimate heartache that it’s almost hard to believe it’s been on this long. You just connect so much with the characters and the storylines and no matter who comes or goes or how sad things might become you’ve always got the Doctor to fall back on.

Such truth

Such truth

And now Number 1.

The show that I have loved the very mostest!!


Oh Firefly, how I miss you. Remember that really creepy analogy about LOST being like a girlfriend? Well if I’ve proven one thing on this site it’s that there’s no one better at resurrecting a dead horse and then beating it back to death with it’s own kidney then I am. So let’s do that again shall we?

If Firefly was a girl it would be the hot hot hot hotiness girl that you date and love and can’t get enough of and just when you start to love her the most: she get’s eaten by Fox. I mean by a fox. A giant corporate death fox made of greed and stupidity and way too much cologne. And yet… even though there was only one season, even though my tiny broken heart always wanted more Firefly… maybe it’s better this way. Maybe it’s better that we never got the chance to find out that the hot girl also spent four hours in the bathroom everyday, or really thought the Twlight books were great literature. As short as my and Firefly’s time together was maybe it’s best that I will only ever have the good times, cause we never got to the bad ones.

No caption necessary.

No caption necessary.

And that I guess is why Firefly ranks over Doctor Who, because Firefly is complete now. It is one glorious, awesome, delicious, chocolate cake of wonderful and no one will ever be able to take that from us. So here’s to you Mal Reynolds (probably my favorite character of all time… anywhere… ever) may your flag fly freely, may the wind be ever at your back, and may I always be able to skip your kind of annoying theme song. Thanks for the memories.

So many great quotes... so little time.

So many great quotes… so little time.

So there you have it friends! My top ten. It was hard, there was sweating, and maybe some blood…. possibly, and actually not any tears at all. But it was hard dag gum it!! And that’s good enough for me!

  1. cscha963 says:

    Ok, so I just noticed that Dulee Hill is in two of your top ten. The West Wing and also Psyche. 🙂 He’s definitely a good supporting actor.

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