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Posted: January 24, 2013 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Well hey Internet, and welcome to Doomsday. I’ve been avoiding this particular list for a long time, pretty much since this website started in fact. It’s easy to harp on movies and judge which I liked more because a movie is a finite item. It’s a two or three hour affair and at the end you judge it based on how you felt at the end of those three hours. For instance: The Hobbit made me happy, Les Mis made me feel dirty and like there was no point to my existence, and Haywire made me want to commit suicide.

TV shows are different because you’re (generally) judging years and years of interaction with these characters. You connect with them because they are distinct parts of your life. We watch our favorite TV shows through break-ups and when we’re sick, and with our families. TV shows aren’t nearly as easily quantifiable as movies. That’s why I like TV shows more then movies, it’s also why I have been avoiding this topic like small ugly dogs avoid the murderous wrath of my psyche.

All of that said (and let it be known that those might be the two most serious paragraphs on this entire blog) here is my list of top ten TV shows! Enjoy!!

A Caveat: I struggled what to do with a couple “mini-series.” I love “Jekyll” and “Dr. Horribles Sing-Along Blog” (two of the most diametrically opposed things ever stuck in the same sentence together) but they weren’t really TV shows. I did put one sort of mini-series on here but it’s definitely longer than most of said minis and I like it. So shut-up.

It should also be noted that this article has also been the reason for much debate in my household to the point where my wife is threatening to make her own TV top ten list, something I strongly encouraged! If I’m really nice and studly and actually use the breath freshener she buys for me every month maybe she’ll even let me post it on here as a “voice of the women” sort of thing. Anyway though, all of this flib and flab, jib and jab, and Alcatraz are but the pre-show for the main show that is:

Micahs TV Top Ten

And as we usually do when I put together a top ten let’s start with:

Number 11:

In Plain Sight

Sneaking in here at number 11 is a show that most of you have never ever never heard of before. In Plain Sight is about the U.S. Marshall’s witness protection program. I really like the two main characters and the show has an incredibly sarcastic sense of humor that I (as you may have guessed) appreciate. The only reason it’s this low on the list/not technically on the list at all is that Mary (the main character) has a mother and a sister who annoy the ever loving Buble’ out of me.

Every episode their calling Mary and whining about how they never see her, or about how she doesn’t love them enough, or about how they accidentally lit themselves on fire with a match and a DVD box set of Blue’s Clues because they’re MORONS!!! Okay… I feel better. Seriously though, I like this show.

Cause no one looks over their shoulders better!

Cause no one looks over their shoulders better!

Number 10:

New Girl

I am not a fan of comedies. Even TV comedies. I like a funny TV show but on the whole I’m looking for something more than just a couple cheap laughs about some guy getting hit in the face with a Mazda. I enjoy the occasional episode of Friends, me and my wife have enjoyed Raising Hope, but they have never been my bread and biscuits… or whatever is supposed to go on the bread in this case. That said: New Girl is hilarious. It’s one of the few comedies that I can watch and laugh at without feeling like I’m insulting my own IQ. The characters and story lines are engaging and the humor strikes a great balance between intelligence and physical stuff that keeps me coming back for more. So there you have it, my comedy. Mostly.

Also if I hadn't finished college I would have BECOME Nick Miller.

Also if I hadn’t finished college I would have BECOME Nick Miller.

Number 9:

West Wing

Ah the West Wing. Probably the oldest show on here and it’s honestly one of those shows that I REALLY need to go back and re-watch. I just feel like SO much of the humor flew straight over my head when I was watching it originally because I was still being swaddled in clothes and what-not. That said even when I did watch it originally I thought it was brilliant and that the writing was awesome (thank you Aaron Sorkin.) Sure the show was all about Democatrats and had a political agenda as long as Cthulu’s left arm but I never felt like it was going out of its way to make me agree with it about anything. Anyway, it was a great show and Martin Sheen was AWESOME. That is all.

One of the best casts EVER put together. And no I mostly don't pay attention to the last season when they switched everyone. That never happened.

One of the best casts EVER put together. And no I mostly don’t pay attention to the last season when they switched everyone. That never happened.

Number 8:


Okay, from here on out you’ve probably heard of the shows I promise. The best way to describe Leverage is that it’s basically Ocean’s 11 but EVERY WEEK! I love this show… I have no idea why it’s only number eight but believe me when I tell you I have reshuffled this list enough and I am NOT touching the order again. Anyway, the group of thieves in this show just play so well after each other and it manages to be both funny and heartfelt and incredibly smart all it once. It’s a big win!

Number 7:


Oh Lost. Me and lost have had a…. rocky relationship. The Summer of our love was… well in the summer. I watched the first… 3 or so seasons in like a month. We were that creepy couple attached at the hip who you never see apart unless one of them is in the bathroom and even then the other one is standing right outside of the door twitching ominously. Then came the break-up. I don’t know why we did it… I just felt like she wasn’t the girl I liked anymore. She started making super-weird life choices and launching herself back to the sixties… for reasons I was never clear on… and then she got off the island but not really but sort of… but not…. But not really…. But actually. I don’t know. It was complicated.

Mostly once we rolled into the later seasons I really felt like the writers just sort of showed up everyday and decided what random thing they were going to do next. And some of those days they couldn’t be bothered to come up with anything so they would just do an episode that had NOTHING to do with the rest of the show, and was never ever mentioned again.

Anyway… after a couple years apart it was announced that Lost was running it’s last season. In our hypothetical girlfriend scenario this was when I figured out that the girl I broke up with had leukemia, or sickle-celled Russianness or… something. Anyway I came back to Lost with my heart open ready to give love a second chance. And I did. And it was worth it. I caught back up, and actually thought they did a great job with the ending of the show. I am not one given to cry but to this day whenever I hear that quite piano music I get a little choked up.

Lost: You'll Probably Need a Chart... or at least some stick figure drawings.

Lost: You’ll Probably Need a Chart… or at least some stick figure drawings.

Number 6:

Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip

Okay so this is probably another show most of you hadn’t heard of, but I’m here to tell you this thing is awesome! A really great balance of humor and drama and yet another great show by Aaron Sorkin! It even featured Matthew Perry in one of his best roles ever! No idea, why this show only lasted a season but it was an absolutely amazing season! (Though I will grant you the last two episodes decided to be REALLY serious for some reason which was a little off putting.)

Okay so this article has already gotten crazy long and I’m here to tell you the explanations don’t get any shorter! So how about we just save the rest of these for tomorrow huh? Okay? Given that no one objected to my totally un-objectable question, I’m gonna just assume your compliance and reveal my 5-1 picks tomorrow! Thanks for reading and I’ll catch you then!

  1. Jack says:


    Yes, I like Aaron Sorkin’s stuff. I also should go watch the West Wing more.

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