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Hey there internet and welcome to Thursday a day that is much better then Monday for reasons I don’t care to get into right now. (all of them. All of the reasons, that is why Thursday is better.) And upon this Thursday I wish to wish you all a very Merry Christmas!! And then ignore Christmas for at least one more day while I review Skyfall. Who knows, maybe I’ll acknowledge Christmas on this blog next week… though I wouldn’t hold your breath on that. Anyway though enough of this holiday jibber-jabber, it’s time for everybody’s favorite bold fonted announcement font!!

Micah Reviews: Skyfall


Apparently Britain is just FULL of these tunnels.

James Bond’s 23rd movie total and 3rd movie starring the ruggedly rugged chin of Daniel Craig. Craig’s first Bond movie (Casino Royal) was awesome! A great re-boot for a series that had suffered far, far too long under the lame lamity lameness of Pierce Brosnan. His second movie (Quantum of Solace) took all of the things that were great about the first movie and ignored them entirely. So will Skyfall be a turn around for the super spy, or a continued spiral into the depths of British spy suckiness? Only time will tell!! Only. Time. Also this post…

The Plot:

The movie opens with a chase scene but already sprinkled into its delightfully actioned pork butt are the salts of the movies underlying theme: the decisions of Bond’s boss “M.” The sequence ends climactically and then leads into what might be one of the coolest opening credit montages ever. Ever. I’m not a huge Adele fan but this song was awesome and the graphics were cool. It was the first time I’ve ever sat through a whole credit opening without thinking “Why don’t they just do these at the end of the movie” and that’s saying something seeing as I have the patience of an angry grey squirrel.

Daniel Craig: Suaver then Suave

Daniel Craig: Suaver then Suave

From the opening chase were carried through a well laid out plotline that brings James through a long story of intrigue and betrayal. Bond meets one of M’s former protégés and must confront the reality of his own mortality and deeper questions about his own place in the world. Also someone throws a train at him. That’s the sort of mix that Skyfall gets so right, it’s a perfectly blended mix of some truly deep background and philosophy, with the more actiony train throwy sections we’ve come to expect from James Bond. This should probably go somewhere else but frankly it’s hard to talk about the plot without talking about how well this movie’s story is mixed with this movies philosophy.

In the end James and M must confront their demons, all the while running from the one man who represents those demons most. The plot twists, turns, and burns some ferns on its way to an epic final showdown and a dry martini. (I may have made up the ferns… sorry. My life is a lie)

The Negatives:

Not really a lot to say here. If I was really trying to be nitpicky I would say that at one point James goes for more of a “distraction” in a gunfight when he pretty obviously had the upper hand but I can’t really fault him for that given what was at stake. I wasn’t a huge fan of the acting done by one of the Bond girls but she wasn’t exactly playing  a character with a ton of depth either so it didn’t negatively affect my experience.  This is like eating a jelly bean and complaining that you’re still hungry. This girl’s job was too look attractive and let James Bond take advantage of her vulnerable mental state. And she did that. So… yay?

"So I'm thinking we just ignore the acting part and focus on the hotness for this one? Whose with me??" -Whoever was in charge of casting.

“So I’m thinking we just ignore the acting part and focus on the hotness for this one? Whose with me??” -Whoever was in charge of casting.

The Positrons:

The two strongest parts of this movie are definitely the acting and the storytelling dynamic. Daniel Craig’s Bond is such a great mix of confident and vulnerable that you can’t help but root for him as the movie goes. Judi Dench’s “M” is conflicted and haunted by her past, but also more than strong enough to face the consequences of her actions. Javier Bardem delivers a terrifying and believable villain who only gets better as the movie goes on. The whole cast is so stand up and the plot gives each of these awesome characters time to shine in their own right. It’s a beautifully told, beautifully acted story.

I am not the hugest of Bond fans (not a fat joke). I’ve seen most of the original Sean Connery movies, and a random spattering of other Bonds here and there. That said even I appreciated some of the films nods to the past and while I’m sure there were some I missed none of them really detracted from my enjoyment of the film.

Just a great new direction for Bond. In the old days James Bond was all about the hot girls, crazy huge set pieces (laser battle in space?), and the random weird inventions (exploding pens). The reason Bond seemed to lose a bit of steam more recently was that audiences started looking for more depth from their heroes. It wasn’t enough for James to solve all his problems with a grin and a one-liner. With this movie I feel like they’ve finally found the right balance of a classic James Bond feel while still setting a great storyline and creating a believable character.

In Conclusion:

Even that statue knows that there's no point picking a fight with James Bond.

Even that statue knows that there’s no point picking a fight with James Bond.

Skyfall is a great movie, featuring a strong cast, a great storyline, and a great lead character. If you’re a fan of the series (or even just a fan of great movies) you won’t be at all disappointed. I give it 5 well made martini’s out of 5!

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