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Well another weekend has come and gone once more and here I stand on a Sunday night staring once more at a black screen, with a tool cool glass of Piemonade in my hand. That’s right readers, when life gives me Pie I make Piemonade. But anyway, Strongbads secret recipes aside here’s a movie I watched this weekend.

Micah Reviews: ParaNorman     

Not sure what I would call that hairstyle but I’m sure the local bird community loves it.

The Plot:

Norman isn’t your typical 11 year old boy. For starters he is made entirely of clay. For middlers he has a Chia-pett growing out of his head. And for finishers he can talk to dead people. And dead dogs, and a dead raccoon. He sees dead people though (sadly) Bruce Willis is not in this movie… most of you didn’t get that joke huh? I have got to get out more.

Another thing that makes Norman not normal (consequently if you think that play on words is funny you have a lot in common with the makers of this movie) is the fact that he’s obsessed with zombies. He has a zombie alarm clock (I practically AM a Zombie alarm clock so I can’t criticize him much on this one) Zombie slippers, a zombie toothbrush, and matching zombie His and Hers towelettes.

Is it just me or did they steal this shot from a Scooby-doo cartoon?

It may come as no small surprise then that Normans town (as the course of the movie goes) does in fact play host to a zombie uprising. It seems that many and many a year ago in a kingdom by the sea some Puritans killed a witch and that witch (thitherby) did curse them with a mighty curse.

Some Tips for Witch-burners: 

It seems like once we decide someone is a witch we really shouldn’t give them time to curse us? It does seem we take our sweet moldy molasses time actually killing her doesn’t it? Seems like we could just have her stand on a trap door or something while we had the classic “is she a witch or not” debate (Monty Python) and then if we decide she is just drop her down the hole. As it is, if the person wasn’t a witch before she gets sentenced to death she probably has time to become one while she’s waiting for the coals to warm.

Anyway… Zombies come to life, Norman continues to be made of clay, and little fat kids continue to be hilariously stupid (what did they ever do to you Hollywood?).

Little annoying fat kids… Hollywood despises them.

The Positives:

A genuinely entertaining movie. That’s kind of a backhanded compliment really… it’s not necessarily a funny movie (though it does have funny parts) and it’s not really a scary movie… at all. It’s just sort of entertaining. You walk out of the theater going “well that was a good movie” but if someone asks you your favorite part you’ll probably have to think about it for a good long while.

Since I have thought about it for a while, my favorite part of the movie is probably just the overall feel it gives off.  I do really enjoy Claymation style movies and just the fun that Paranorman has with some of the classic horror movie tropes is very entertaining.

Okay I KNOW this is from Scooby Doo!

The Negatrons:

Hard to really tap who they were targeting with this movie. I wouldn’t really call it a kids movie but it’s not really an adult movie either… kind of like it’s sort of a comedy and kind of sort of in a not at all frightening at all sort of way… a scary movie.

Some of the characters are stereotypical to the point of being annoying. Norman’s sister and the town bully are the two culprits I have most in mind. They were just very sort of penciled in with big broad strokes after the writers watched other horror movies and ate too many potato chips.

“Oh I don’t know… I thought I’d sit around and be bland and uninteresting for a while… ya know, the usual.”

In Conclusion:

I liked Paranorman. It was a good, fun, film that doesn’t touch anything really new or exciting but does what it does with enough excitement and interest to hit the high points.

I give ParaNorman 3 screamy zombie people out of 5.


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