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Posted: May 7, 2012 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Dear fans of the Interweb,

Whatever you are doing right now, I want you to stop doing it and read this blog. Which… I guess if you’re reading these words you are, in fact, already reading this blog. So never mind.

Anyway though, this weekend officially kicked off the “Micah Actually Has Enough Time and Motivation to go to the Theater Again” portion of the year or (as the commoners call it) Summer. To inaugurate this time of year I dragged my poor fiance out to a movie theater at 10:45 on a Friday (she works all day Saturday) and made her sit in a crowded theater so I could watch Avengers. So let’s all take a minute and solemnly thank the peaceful rivers of Olympus for giving me a such a woman.

Okay well now that that’s done lets talk about Avengers. A movie that I was half incredibly excited about and half desperately afraid of because as cool an idea as this sounded we’ve seen super-hero combo movies done before and they have (to put it delicately) been putrid piles of terribleness mixed with salmon chowder. (Yes fantastic four AND the fantastic four sequel I am looking at you. With death. A death look of terror… and deathliness) But anyway, let’s move on from the dim shadows of my dim shadowy past and look forward to the bright meadow filled future of my sunny horizon… thing. These metaphors hurt my brain.

Micah Reviews Marvel Avengers:

So… as was hinted at in just about every Marvel movie in the past ever, the Avengers initiative is finally about to be put into place. For those of you who don’t know the Avengers are a group of Super-heroes who come together to save the earth from threats to large for any one of them to handle on their own (sort of like breakfast at my house growing up except we had less explosions and more Syrup being dripped onto the floor).

There are twenty other actors in this shot, but they’re all being hidden by Chris Hemsworth’s biceps.

At the start of the movie, Loki (the main villain from Thor) takes something from the SHIELD headquarters (SHIELD being the shady sort of quasi-government organization in charge of being inept so that the Super heroes can save them) and because of this something stolen, the world is in incredible danger as well as the galaxy, the solar system, and Bob and Betty’s Five and Dime. Thus one eyed awesome person Nic Fury begins gathering his super hero force together to punch various people and alien typed monsters.

This particular group of super heroes the Hulk, Thor, Iron Man, and Captain America (along with Hawkeye and Black Widow our token non-super heroes) must learn to work together as best they can and save the world we know from Loki and his merry band of aliens bent on destruction (ironically also a lot like breakfast at my house).


Yes. Iron Man is that awesome.

The positives:

The script for this movie is genuisly put together. Let me write that again in completely unnecessary capital letters just in case someone looked away from the screen: GENIUSLY. Neither you nor your bonnie mother can handle it. I feel like each of the characters in this movie were very well conceived and realized and each of the super-heroes has their moments in the sun and their times to shine. Sure Iron Man and Captain America might get a little bit more screen time then the other heroes but it’s not necessarily undeserved. The Hulk and Thor definitely get their share and Thor (while he doesn’t have a huge character ark) does get some of the best fight scenes so it balances out. Plus Downey Jr. does such a good job as Iron Man that you’re more than willing to sacrifice some time with the other heroes to get a better glimpse of him doing his thing.

The fight scenes are well choreographed and the movie’s primary writer (Joss Whedon) even manages to work in some clever “what if” scenarios as he puts certain members of the Avengers against each other for a brief time. Each of the fights feel big and epic and captures each characters individual fighting style very nicely. The Hulk and Thor I think deserve a special mention in this category as both tear up the screen each time there on it and their fight scenes tend to be the most epic.

The Negatrons:

Really hard to find anything to put here but if I was going to be picky (which I of course am) I’d say that the dialogue between Loki and the alien Overlord typed person just felt awkward. It might be because the rest of the movie was so well done or because whoever played the Alien decided that the best way to do his part would be to growl all his lines like some rogue alien Labrador. Once again though, that’s me being picky.

This is what the Hulk thinks of my nitpickyness… so I’m gonna stop here.

In Conclusion:

Avengers is a great great movie that you all should go out and see!! The script is great, the acting is top notch, and the fight scenes and visual affects are gorgeous to behold. It’s an extremely rare mix of different super-heroes and styles into one perfectly realized tiny soup bowl of amazingness. So step up little movie orphans and get some more!

I give it 5 Thor beatdowns out of 5!!

In addition to the Conclusion of the Conclusion: 

Let’s all put our hands together for Joss Whedon shall we? This is a guy who wrote a TON of TV shows ALL of which have one form of cult following or another (Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dollhouse, Firefly, and even Dr. Horribles Sing Along-Blog). And Whedon has finally gotten the major motion picture recognition he deserves. So here’s a glass raised to you Josh! May the wind be ever in your hair and the odds be ever in your evens… or something.


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