Summer Questions Part 2

Posted: April 20, 2012 by Micah in Randomnicity

Hey everyone!! In keeping with the brand new this probably won’t last very long sort of traditions that I’m founding let’s dive right back in, to our Movie Questions of the Summer posts!! (No that it is not what it was called yesterday… yesterday was a very very long time ago. Shut-up. Questions 1 and 2 are over here.

Question 3: How awesome will the new Batman movie be?

It will be this awesome. And this: is awesome!

Dark Knight Rises will be absolutely epic! I guarantee it! That said I’m not running into the theater expecting the Dark Knight 2.0. The Dark Knight was one of the single greatest films in this film generation… thing… that we live in. Even if we don’t count the absolute land mark performance delivered by Heath Ledger, the movie was an absolute powerhouse of script writing beauty. It was a perfectly baked cake with a million edible diamonds of delectablehood hidden within its many layers. I fully expect the Dark Knight Rises to be awesome just maybe not as earth shatteringly incredible as the Dark Knight was. That said if anyone can somehow make a movie better than the Dark Knight it is cinematic Wonderboy Christopher Nolan (the Director). So while I really doubt the new movie will be better than the old one I’m certainly not removing it from the mystical Well of Possibilities. And hey this movie has Batman in it!!!! I mean come on, it’s got to be awesome!!

Question 4: Will Prometheus actually be a good movie?

Never. Follow the lights.

For those of you who don’t know Prometheus is the latest horror/alien/oh-my-word-hide-my-face-from-those-monsters typed movie that will be coming out this summer. Even if you aren’t a fan of wetting yourself while watching a movie about huge aliens that are somehow metaphors for corporate America you’ve probably heard about the Aliens franchise.

Forced to dress hurriedly that morning, Naomi accidentally grabbed the Double XL helmet.

Ridley directed the original Alien movie and earlier this year insisted that this was not even a little bit related to that movie. Now (after several trailers that were irrevocably connected to the Aliens franchise and after hundreds of inhaler wielding thirty year olds crawled from their mothers basements to shout loudly about his lies) Ridley has admitted that this is (in fact) a prequel to that series. Considering the horror nature of it I’m honestly a little surprised at the cast that Prometheus boasts (Michael Fassbender, Naomi Rapapace, Charlize Theron, Idris Elba etc.) and am genuinely interested to see what happens and what Ridley does with his premier pants wetting franchise.

Question 5: How in the world is the cast of Expendables 2 still alive?

I really want to know what sort of weapon could knock a perfect number out of a wall...

Now don’t get me wrong here. I think Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwartzaneger (not even a little how you spell that), Chuck Norris, and Bruce Willis are all great but… man… these guys are OLD. I’ll be happy if I can still walk and eat peas when I’m as old as these guys and they are somehow STILL making a living by repeatedly punching people in the face. It doesn’t even make a little bit of sense.

Oh... that sort of weapon....

The weird thing is apparently Stallone and Schwartzawhater have decided to team up on another movie next year! What are these people eating?? The souls of their vanquished enemies? The rock of the eternal mountains of life? Or are they just frightening Time away with their snarly faces of crag filled doom? I have no idea. But I am VERY afraid!

Well there you go! Check back tomorrow for some more questions and answers! Oh and here is a link to yet another video blog that I did for Mongoose!!


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