Summer Questions Part 1

Posted: April 19, 2012 by Micah in Randomnicity

As the weeks go by and suns rise and set and the gradual stomping of the Hulk rings closer and closer in my ears I thought now was as good a time as any to sit down and make a list of:

Big Summer Questions for my Tiny Summer Brain!!

Before we dive in here, know that this will probably be a smaller post. I have about a baskillion things to get done in the next two or three days so rather than try and cram all of this into one post I thought I would spread it out over a couple. So here are two Questions which will be followed by two more tomorrow and two more on Saturday before finally finishing up on Monday of next week!

So welcome to that list!!

Question 1: Will the Avengers actually be as awesome as it looks???

Thor and Iron Man just need to start making their own movies... maybe the Hulk can come... maybe...

Every new piece of film that squeaks out of the heavily guarded doors of Marvel makes the Avengers actually look like a better and better piece of movie. It premiered to some rave reviews from the media and so we are left to anxiously twittle our tiny twiddled thumbs and wait for this sucker to come out!! It seems like they’ve balanced the characters really well in the film and the idea of having Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth, Mark Ruffalo, and Jeremy Renner in the same movie is certainly an intriguing idea.

Honestly the only thing that scares me about this movie is Captain America. It’s because (and I’m trying to put this delicately here) Captain America’s lame. Lame like a one legged pizza. Or a two legged Skeeter. Or a no legged pita. They managed to sort of cleverly hide that fact in Captain America (the movie) but the fact is that he’s just kind of… boring.  And he wears a stupid little hood thing with wings PAINTED onto it.

Just keep believing your cool man... just keep believing.

Though I will grant you that it is cooler then the stupid little hood thing with ACTUAL tiny wings on it.

And I will mount up upon my tiny wings, and I will fly away!!

If he keeps that hood off he’ll be much better and if he can stop talking about Apple Pie and Liberty long enough to realize that his shield looks like a rogue birthday cake, maybe the Avengers will be okay.

Seriously though, I really hope (and think) the Avengers will be a legitimately awesome movie!

Question 2: Will “Step Up: Revolution” actually lower your IQ?

One Step: can change the amount of gum you have on your shoe!!!

ABSOLUTELY it will. Are you kidding me? Did you watch the other Step Ups? I think I have… I’ve definitely watched at least two of them anyway… And both of them were actually incredibly and horribly terrible. Not the dancing, the dancing was cool. The acting, writing, cinematography, directing, costuming, and just about every other aspect of the movie, however was incredibly and awesomely horrible. Step Up: Revolution seems to take a whole new direction (a revolution if you will) by somehow making this movie about kids dancing to save their streets from an evil land mogul… yeah… it didn’t make sense to me either.

"Ya know... at first I was just dancing on this car cause I have movez like Jager, but now I'm dancing on this car in the name of social change!!! And afterwords I will go to Starbucks and order a Frappe... FOR SOCIAL CHANGE!!"

Anyway that’s it for today! Check back tomorrow and Saturday for some more postering!! Oh and as a free bonus for all of you here’s a link to a video I made for Mongoose Improv!

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