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Posted: April 16, 2012 by Micah in Randomnicity
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I had a fairly nutz weekend. I have no idea why I spelled nuts like that. Cause that is not even a little bit how you spell nuts. Then again, I regularly use the words: stylez, happeningz, and skillz so I guess none of us should be surprized… I mean surprised.

But back to my weekend. I was driving with my friend Riley and our car broke down so we ended up having to hike roughly four million miles through fen and field and… ferns… I guess. All the while desperately trying to avoid getting run over by 18 wheelers who are WAY to fat to be driving on public roads. It’s like they’re a particularly large person taking up a huge chunk of the sidewalk and you have to awkwardly go around them, except this particular big person is moving 60 miles an hour and carrying several cows worth of churned milk. But anyway… I literally have no idea what this post is going to be about cause it’s late at night and I am currently semi-comatose (not exactly a rarity).

Let’s talk baseball shall we? I like baseball, especially in the last two days since the Red Sox suddenly remembered they were playing baseball and not Girls Bear Wrestling (now on Fox). I actually also got to sit down and watch a game on Sunday afternoon (thank to the bountiful mercy of my fiance’) and now feel much more kindly towards the Red Sox and towards baseball in general. After starting 1-5 (one win, five losses) the Red Sox are actually starting to resemble a baseball team again. So that’s going well.

If I hadn't just looked at a picture of Liam Neeson this would be the most hardcore thing I've seen today. Also one of these bears is a cheater.

And now, let’s talk TV: I’m still recovering from watching the BBC show Jekyll a few months ago. Frankly, it scared me to death, and was also brilliantly written and acted. It’s a beautiful thing, in a horrifying way. Like a hot girl wearing a Justin Bieber shirt.

In other TV news, me and my Fiance’ (a hot girl who doesn’t wear Justin Bieber shirts ever) are watching through Arrested Development an absolutely hysterical show filled with some of the dryest humor I have ever watched. It is definitely more my style of humor then hers but she watches it anyway (probably just to get to laugh at me). We gave up on “Once Upon A Time” forever ago because we didn’t have time to watch shows just because they were terrible and we wanted to laugh at them. Also every time the actor who plays Jimminy Cricket uttered dialogue my brain sprang out of my ears and punched me viciously in the face.

Yes this person is exactly as annoying as he looks.

For the million people who keep asking me: No I have not seen the Hunger Games yet. Leave me alone. Stop or I will hide those weird killer bees in all of your stuffed animals. I will. I’m a man on the edge!!

For the 2 million people who will now e-mail me asking why I haven’t seen the Hunger Games yet: I am busy. Busy like a bandit… a busy bandit… of bustle. A busy bustling bandit… of Bananas. A Bustling busy banana bandit. Calm down. This is why they make DVD’s. And iTunes.

For the 2 of you who care: I am still playing basketball on my 360 and am cleaning house for the Celtics!! In a good way. Not like, “I’m playing so badly they make me clean the house” sort of way but like a “I’m playing so well that other people clean my house… Iguess” sort of way. Now I’m just carrying on with that and circling the Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim waiting for the price to drop!! How is it this game has been out for more then a year and still costs 40 bucks?? I mean unless your Mass Effect 3 I am NOT spending 40 bucks on you, Video Games. I have much better things to spend my money on… like my Fiance’. Or the salaries of my Zombie Squirrel army.

Fear them!!

And finally (just to validate this as some sort of movie news) here is a poster from the increasingly awesome looking: The Amazing Spiderman movie coming out this Summer. Feast your eyes on all that coolness!!!

So... cool... my brain hurts.

Well there you go a post largely about nothing at all… so thanks for reading!


  1. Jeyna Grace says:

    LOL! Jimmy cricket was ok to me… no one is as annoying at the evil queen.

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