The Current and the Future of Awesome Old people.

Posted: February 23, 2012 by Micah in Randomnicity
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Recently I learned that Sir Ian Mckellen and Sir Patrick Stewart will be on stage in London together. Aside from the desperate theft I resorted to as I attempted to get tickets to this event and my moderately unsuccessful bid to convince various members of Theater Security that I was the Queen Mother of England this news set me to thinking…. thinking thoughts… of thoughtness.

And as I thought I thought to myself “How much would… could a wood duck duck… if a wood duck would duck wood?” And after I was finished being thoroughly impressed with myself I thought “I wonder which actors today will be the awesome old guys of the future…” Thusly I devised the following list.

The Current and the Future of Awesome Old People.

Believe it or not this list was surprisingly hard to compose… I mean think about this for a little bit. Aside from one that was painfully obvious I nearly succeeded in stumping myself. But I like the stumpmaster that I am have prevailed and now present this list of four men.

The Current: Michael Caine.

"Sir I've put some extra awesome in your tea. Cause I'm Michael Caine!"

Michael Caine is one of the most underrated brilliant old people in the business. You know his as Alfred, Batman’s butler in the new Batman series and while Caine is absolutely brilliant in that movie he has a lot more acting depth then just that. Watch Harry Brown sometime and be blown away!! (Lots of cussing in that movie… just so you know). Caine is brilliant at the old wise advisor person and will break your heart when he turns it on!

Next in line…

Kenneth Branaugh-

Probably the least well known actor on this list Branaugh will be an absolutely fantastic old person. He hasn’t really headlined a lot of movies to date but he’s starting to get more well known as he heads into the older middle-agededness and I think will slide absolutely perfectly into Michael Caine’s well worn butler shoes. The big question I’m asking I suppose throughout this is “Could Actor A play Old Man B’s character?” The answer here being absolutely yes. Branaugh would nail the old wise Butler role! So there you go.

And moving on to…

The Current: Morgan Freemen.

Morgan Freemen: So much hair. So much cool.

Oh Morgan Freemen. Ironically he’s also attached to the Batman series but that’s hardly his most iconic role… in fact it’s really hard to nail down Morgan’s most iconic role…  Hmmm… yeah no idea. Anyway Morgan Freeman has been the aged awesome African Amercan guy in more movies then I care to think about! So who is the natural descendant to the curly half afroed sweetness that is Morgan Freemen? How about…

Next in line:

Either Denzel Washington or Don Cheadle…

A toss up for me between these two… Sure Denzel is more famous now and honestly looks UNCANNILY similar to Freeman but Don Cheadle is one of the most grossly unappreciated actors in the business and as he gets older more and more people are going to realize this. Just cause your successful now doesn’t mean you will be later. I mean neither Freemen nor Caine were super renowned when they were young actors either. So which one of these guys will rise to prominence in twenty years? I have no idea but the crown can only go to one!! So I guess we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

And then we have: Sean Connery.

Sean Connery: The coolest man ever to wear a kilt.

No longer in the business but still one of film’s greatest icons Sean Connery and his silky smooth Scottish accents were some of the coolest things ever to grace any screen ever in the world. Then Sean got old and perfectly adapted into the tough awesome old guy who alternately scared the ever loving kidney out of you, and made you want to weep openly.

And this mantle will be taken by…

Sean Bean!! Yes ladies and gentleman everyone’s favorite guy with a million arrows in him! He’s got the big action hero look to him and even the awesome facial hair factor. His biggest problem will be acquiring a silky smooth Scottish accent and finding a place to get a decent kilt, but give Sean Bean twenty years or so and he’ll have all sorts of kidney removing awesome.

And moving on to: Patrick Stewart.

That's SIR Patrick Stewart thank you very much.

Honestly this might be the single hardest choice in here. Stewart not only has a Shakespeare career with more plays listed on it then there are weird unnecessary stares in a Twilight movie, but he’s also done some great work in the Sci-fi community with major roles in Star Trek and X-men. So who could possibly take a mantle so large??

How about…

Daniel Craig… Nope wait hang on… holy cow I have it!!! After hours and hours of deliberation and thought I have decided to cast of Daniel Craig (who originally had this part knotted up) and instead give my award to the only person it could ever be given to. A man destined to take the helm of so great a baldness. A man who not only has made great contributions to stage AND sci-fi but also a man with an epically awesome voice. And that man is:

So cool not even I saw him coming.

Hugo Weaving!! WHAT!!!! Yes. Sir. Win. For. Me. This is the pick I am the second most proud of (my next one is epic) and also gets bonus points for being inspiration sent from the very heavens. Weaving’s voice is EPIC! His acting is amazing and he could easily slide in to either of Stewart’s most iconic roles. Pardon me as I go and find someone’s whose not using their arm so I can give myself a pat on the back…

And we’re back. And yes that was just as creepy as it sounded.

 And finally: Ian McKellan.

Great man! Weird teeth... and tie...

Probably the most iconic awesome old person in the business McKellan (like Stewart) has an epic pedigree of Shakespeare awesomeness and significant contributions in the sci-fi/fantasy world with both Lord of the Rings and X-men. So who could possibly replace such an iconic person? Who could be my favorite pick on this entire list?!?!

The answer…

Liam Neeson!!

Suddenly twenty years from now is looking pretty awesome.

Yep. Favorite pick and most obvious guarantee to continue to be amazing for many more years! I mean if you had to re-do Lord of the Rings twenty years from now who would you pick besides Liam Neeson? No one. Can’t you picture Liam Neeson standing on a bridge yelling “YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!” I know I can and I may never walk across a bridge again.

So there you have it my top 5 old but awesome actors and my top 5 people to replace them!! Got anyone better or anyone I forgot?? Let me know!!  Thanks so much for reading and I’ll see you next week!

  1. Jack says:

    Only disagreement I have is with the choice of Sean Bean. Excellent actor, yes. Good curret resume, yes. But for my thinking, Ewan MacGregor is a better choice and more likely to upstage Sean. Plus, he’s already actually Scottish.

  2. Micah says:

    I won’t fight you too hard on the inclusion of MacGregor there. After all he’s already inherited the mantle from Alec Guinness in a very strange sort of way. Sean Bean is probably the weakest link on here though frankly every time I type his name I feel a strong desire to go watch Equilibrium…

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