Some Trailers for a Tuesday!!

Posted: February 7, 2012 by Micah in Randomnicity

Hey everyone and happy Tuesday! We are gathered here today on a usually non-posting day, days when humor is low, depression is high, and prairie dogs may pop out of their holes without being smacked down by the soggy lizard of my rapier whit. But on this Tuesday we are gathered here to commemorate a dear friend. A friend who I held as close as a slightly estranged brother. A friend who, if I were a delightful platter of cheeses, would be the American Swiss. A friend who is (alas) no longer with us. This post is for you Greg Toler… may you rest in peace. (Editor’s Note: Greg is not dead. He’s sick. Micah’s off his… “meds.” Get well soon Greg!)

Yesterday a mere day before his sad and untimely demise (Editor’s Note: Illness) Greg came to me and asked me with gasping breath, with tears swelling in his eyes, and a tremble in his hands if I wouldn’t mind giving my thoughts on the trailer for Acts of Valor. So I texted him back and said I would. The second reason we’re here is because the new Spiderman trailer came out and it’s awesome.

Act of Valor:

"The only easy day was yesterday"... what? What about the day before yesteday? Or the day before that? Or Sunday? I thought Sunday wasn't bad... I can see some writer somewhere thinking that was really cool... yeah... not so much.

I feel… conflicted. The movie (for those of you who don’t know) is a story about Navy Seals starring real and actual Navy Seals. In every form of medium I have seen advertise this movie it has reminded us of this. “Starring Real Navy Seals” says the trailer. “Starring Real Navy Seals” says the poster. “Starring Real Navy Seals” says the left fin of the commemorative plush seal doll with matching official Seal seal.

So here’s a question: Is this movie reminding us of this because it’s cool or because for this to count as a good movie you have to remember that the actors are not (in fact) actors? Let me get one thing out of the way first and foremost: I have nothing but respect for the brave men and women of our Armed Services. The freedoms we enjoy (including the freedom to say… write a blog about movies that star “Real Navy Seals”) come from the sacrifices of these incredible Patriots and if any of them are reading this site I want to take this completely and entirely serious moment and thank them so much for their service to our country.

That said: the people in this movie are “Navy Seals” not “Liam Neeson.” Now if I wanted to say… take a Hill. I would probably ask Navy Seals to do it. But if I wanted to make a moviea bout Navy Seals taking a Hill I would probably ask Liam Neeson. I’m not saying that this will be a terrible movie. I’m saying the acting will not be top notch. Now there are no doubt plenty of talented actors who are doing things besides making movies for a living and maybe the Navy Seals in this movie are some of those people… but maybe they’re not. I’m not gonna come straight out and say this will be a bad movie, I’m just saying there is that potential. I think regardless of acting the action will be cool, and I’m sure it’ll be a very different cinematic experience then just watching another run in the mill war movie done by people who have never been in a war.I think it’s a really cool idea! That said sometimes really cool ideas do not work.

So there you go Greg. My thoughts. May the wind be ever at your back, and when the inevitable Zombie apocalypse occurs I hope me and you can find each other and march upon the tattered remnants of human civilization together. (Editor’s Note: Just to be really clear Greg is NOT DEAD. And Micah NEEDS HELP)

The Amazing Spiderman  (trailer)

Still one of the coolest Spiderman pictures ever…

Okay so after months and months of not watching the Spiderman trailer the day finally arrived and I in a polarizing moment of awesome awesomeliness watched… the Spiderman Trailer. Yes, they had released teaser trailers but none of them really told us what the movie was going to be about, just that there was, in fact, a movie. Namely: A spiderman movie starring the up and coming genius actor typed person: Andrew Garfield.

Here’s the trailer:

Okay so… my thoughts…

Garfield is really good. Emma Stone looks clutch, Rhys Ifill Ifans (or however you say his name) is gonna be a good villain and Martin Sheen is still my favorite president ever not to actually be the President. Yes, I loved West Wing. Anyway though…

And… strike a pose.

It looks like we’re doing Web Catridges in this movie rather than the old schools “Spiderman makes this spineret stuff…” it’s actually always been cartridges in the comic books though honestly it doesn’t really make all that much difference. I like the fact that we’re doing something more with Peter Parkers parents… wow… I think I just tongue-tied myself typing… and then did it again. Anyway I like that. It’ll hopefully add some cool back story to the whole thing.

Secondly the Lizard (I know, dumb name) has always been one of my favorite Spiderman villains. The list generally going Carnage, Lizard, Dock Ock, Venom, Green Goblin (in that order). The Lizard has a cool story and is a believable villain and I honestly always wondered why they didn’t use him in the earlier movies. I’m definitely intrigued by the new take and can’t wait for this to hit theaters! If Batman wasn’t coming out this summer this would be the movie I was the most excited about! I think Avengers will be good but I can’t get over the ensemble cast and this movie just looks that much cooler!

Thanks everyone! See you Thursday!

  1. David says:

    Definitely some pros and cons! I’ll refrain from getting on my soapbox about how incredibly scientifically improbably it is for a teenager (no matter how brilliant) to invent his own webbing. We’ll see how they handle it – I’m not hating it yet.
    My real problem? It’s not Peter Parker. I know we’re only getting clips, but where’s the shy, socially-awkward, nerd boy that fans identified with? While I love him, Garfield is literally too cool to play Peter.
    Of course, I pass no final judgment til the movie comes out. We’ll discuss more then. 🙂

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