Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol

Posted: January 12, 2012 by Micah in Movie Reviews
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Confession: When I was a little kid Mission Impossible scared me to death! Why? Well let’s take a look at what happened in this movie:

1. Some dude blew up a fish tank with a stick of gum!

How my child brain interpreted this: Holy cow…. What if I chew that gum? What if someone replaces my gum with explody gum of death and my head explodes!!

2. People wear full face masks that they rip off at extremely inopportune times.

How my child brain interpreted this: Holy cow… my dad could be anyone! What if someone impersonates my little sister to secretly infiltrate my hidden stash of gum (which may or may not be explosive).

3. Tom Cruise.

Anyway, many years (and 3 movies) later I strode confidently into Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol in the full knowledge that my gum would not explode and that the odds of my fiancé being Tom Cruise wearing a mask were at least below say… 30 percent.

Micah Reviews: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol.

Ethan Hunt: legendary half shaver.

Okay so this is the fourth installment in the mission impossible series. Mission Impossible 1 is a classic in spy awesomeness everywhere. Mission Impossible 3 was a surprisingly heartfelt and very well done movie that completely resurrected the series. And Mission Impossible 2 did not happen! No! It did not. Stop. Don’t look it up.DON’T watch it. It doesn’t exist. I promise. So the first question on my mind was would this movie follow the pedigree of 1 and 3 or settle into the mound of putrid horrible that was Mission Impossible 2: Hey Look A Hot Girl. A movie that (may I remind you) does not exist.

The Plot:

The movie starts with series hero Jason Bo…. Nope. The movie starts with series hero Ethan Hunt in a prison in Russia. We don’t know why he’s in prison he just is. Needless to say, he gets very quickly broken out of prison and receives a mission from the super secret, secret society of secrets. Hunts mission is to find this guy who wants to blow up stuff and stop him from blowing up stuff. He does horribly at it though because literally within minutes of his arrival at the Kremlin (a building in Russia) it gets blowed up.

Oh also Tom Cruise climbs on a building. A really really tall building. I have no joke for this picture so... yeah... Tom Cruise looks funny.

Not only does James Bo… I mean Ethan fail to stop the blowing up but he also gets blamed for having been the blow upper. Ethan must (hitherto) escape Russian custody find his super-spy team, and capture the actual criminal before he blows up something else, namely,America.

The Positives:

     A really well spun story with a pretty solid cast of actors pulling it off. The villain is probably the weakest actor as he really fails to be very threatening but the focus of the story is on Ethan and his team so it doesn’t really take away too much from the movie. I’m generally not a huge Tom Cruise fan but Hunt is a character he knows well and does well with and series newcomer Jeremy Renner is a stellar addition who steals most of the scenes he’s in.

Jeremy Renner: Such a cool guy, such a bad suit...

Ghost Protocol manages to run two hours without really ever feeling like it runs out of steam. A couple sections tend to drag a bit (more on them later) but on the whole the movie stays interesting and twisty enough to keep you paying attention.

The Negatrons:

     Certain scenes that should be climactic feel like they stretch on just a little too much. The most guilty being the scene where Hunt chases some guy whose name I don’t remember from a Hotel. Hunt starts off running (something Tom Cruise does with all the grace of a phenomenally drunk metaphorical platypus), then runs into a sandstorm, then rides on top of the persons car, then runs again, then steals a car, chases him in the car, crashes the car, survives the crash, and then starts running again, before finally losing him. I get the idea that Ethan Hunt is a man who doesn’t give up but seeing as how he didn’t actually catch the guy, the scene felt almost hilariously too long.

In Conclusion:

             I really liked Ghost Protocol. The story was well put together, the cast was solid, and it avoided (for the most part) all the tired old spy movie clichés. These days spy movies come and go and go and come pretty quickly. Jason Bourne, James Bond, and Ethan Hunt probably being the most famous. What separates Ghost Protocol is it’s focus on the team of spies and the inclusion of an interesting new character in Jeremy Renner’s Agent Brandt. He and Tom Cruise carry a great cast with an interesting script and turn out a great movie!

I give it 4 sprinting Cruise’s out of 5.

  1. Matt Stewart says:

    I would give it the same rating, such an enjoyable film I don’t know how anyone could not have fun with it.

    Good review!

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