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Last week I reviewed ABC’s newest spin on the “Fairy tales are real” genre Once Upon a Time. I found it… puzzling. Good in some ways and bad in probably more ways then it was good. But still good… like eating a really bad donut with really good filling. I was just… conflicted. Anyway thanks to some audience suggestions I decided to check out NBC’s new show Grimm a show that takes the “Fairy tales are real” genre and adds a “and are about to stab you in the neck” to it.

Grimm is a story all about Crocket and Tubbs. No I mean, Shawn and Gus. No I mean Bruce Willis and Tracy Morgan. Okay so it’s a fairly well used premise about a African American and a German American cop team out to save the world one quip at a time… and also a werewolf.

Ironically the actual wolf was kind of lame...

 The Plot:

Anyway the real main character is the unfortunately named Nick Burckhardt a detective of German decent who enjoys making tiny cars and selling them at high prices overseas. In the middle of a mysterious case, wherein a jogger wearing a red hood(ie) has been viciously murdered in the woods, who should arrive but creepy old Aunt Jemimah (editors note: Aunt Marie) who informs Nick that he is the descendant of a long line of pancakes… I mean supernatural hunters of the super natural called Grimms (think brothers Grimm). Anyway shortly after this revelation Aunt Jemimah gets attacked by some crazy ghoul thing wielding a scythe and she gets put in the hospital leaving Nick (who has gained the ability to see through the veils super natural creatures use and see who they really are and how long it’s been since they showered) must solve the case of the murdered hiker AND the little girl who has recently gone missing.

In this course of events Nick meets Eddie Monroe a Werewolf like creature called a Bluebod. Yes. Bluebod. Quite possibly the shows weakest point is some of the really dumb names it comes up with for the characters. Bluebod being arguable the worst offense though Yagerbear (half-bear half-man half…Yager) comes in a close second. I realize it’s the original german but just because you want to say something in german doesn’t mean it has to sound retarded. Bluebod just leaves me expecting the smurfs to come rolling through at some point and I can’t help but feel that Smurfs aren’t really what the show is going for here.

To wrap things up, Grimm’s plot generally revolves around a single super natural murder that Nick, his partner Hank, and his Bluebod brother besty Monroe must solve for the good of man kind.

 The positives:

A fairly interesting show that revolves around a cool concept and has (thus far) kept things interesting and fast enough to keep me coming back for more. The writing is solidly middle of the road and rarely leaves you with any great line to remember or any joke good enough to make you actually laugh but it stays true to form enough and doesn’t generally get in the way.

The mysteries are interesting, though at this point the over arching story plot (who ordered the death of Aunt Jemimah and why) hasn’t really grabbed my attention yet.

Easily the best character in the show thus far is Monroe the werewolf (who I refuse to call a Bluebod). He’s interesting and funny and his time on screen has thus far been the most compelling to watch.

Easily this shows most intriguing character. Unfortunately he also gets about as much screen time as dead Aunt Jemimah.

The negatives:

I honestly do not care at all about the main character. He’s a fairly cardboard cut out sort of guy who has thus far exhibited all the emotional range of Barry, my pet Zucchini. If he gets killed in the next episode and is replaced by a potato who can perceive the true nature of all beings AND launch himself out of a gun at bruise inducing speeds I will be happy.

Probably the shows least compelling character the only problem being... he's the main one.

I’m not completely sold on the idea yet. I get the bizarre feeling that they’re going to run out of fairy tales to mess around with and are going to change it into some vague battle between the shadowy forces that killed Aunt Jemimah and the lightish forces of good and if it does I will probably stop watching. The first two episodes featured little red riding hood and then the three bears but the third episode primarily features bees. Yes, bees. I did some research and found this really strange fairy tale that the episode was “loosely based off of” sort of like a she wolf is “loosely” a banana. The only good part featured Monroe wandering around an empty house with Nick standing there pretending he had emotions.

In conclusion:

I enjoyed Grimm on the whole but I’m already dubious as to its ability to keep me interested and avoid becoming a melodrama about people who killed other people’s aunts.

I give it a 3 out of 5.

In conclusion to the conclusion. This is a show that could easily jump up to a four or drop down to a 1. I don’t think it really knows what it wants to be yet. If it solidifies into a cool cop show with supernatural elements great! If it turns into a show about nefarious shadowy organizations who “killed my aunt and never lets me have any fun” I will throw up. And then stop watching.

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