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Posted: October 31, 2011 by Micah in Randomnicity
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 Hey everyone. So the reason this is just a preview is because my brain is near comatose, it’s a preposterously late hour, and I am under strict girlfriendish typed orders to go to sleep. But because I love all of you people that I probably don’t know out there in the internet world, here’s a quick article previewing a long article that I will release like a gentle wafting spray of Abe Lincoln scented Febreeze tomorrow at 11.
 Let’s talk about posters. Movie posters of course (since this is a Pop culture and/or Chinchilla appreciation site). Just choosing one at random here let’s go with…. Daniel Radcliffe’s upcoming horror movie: “Harry Potter 8: He’s A Lawyer” No wait sorry. I mean “The Woman in Black: I’m totally a legit actor”… no wait. I mean “The Woman in Black”.
Here’s the poster:
Now the first thing you’ll notice is the flock of blue birds that have apparently roosted in the eyeball of our erstwhile hero. After that you’ll probably notice that the movie has Daniel Radcliff in it, accompanied Sir Foggy McFoggerton. Next you’ll notice the creepy font, creepy face of my Aunt Mildred in the background (Editor’s note: Micah does not have an Aunt Mildred), and finally the tag line.
 Tag lines are what we are gathered here to talk about today (and tomorrow). Taglines are what movie posters use to try to interest you in the movie’s basic premise and in the wide realm of hollywood there are some really great one and then there are some really bad ones. This one, “Do you believe in Ghosts” comes in with a nice strong “Meh” on the goodness scale. “Do you believe in Ghosts” is creepy and all. But between the celestial blue eyes of Daniele Radcliff and the creepy font I feel like the movie is trying to bludgeon me over the head with the movies premise.
 Then there’s the fact that there’s a swirly ghost right behind the font! Yes I believe in ghosts movie! There’s one right behind you!! That’s like taco bell asking me if I believe in indigestion.
 Anyway so now that we all know what a Tagline is check in tomorrow for my Ten best and worst taglines ever awards!! Thanks for reading, hug a chinchilla, and I’ll see you tomorrow!!

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