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The problem with weekends is there’s always that Monday thing that happens after them. No matter how much I chill with my girlfriend, don’t do school, and ignore the nuclear wasteland that the floor of my dorm room is becoming I always wake up on Monday with the vague sensation that I’ve been gored by a bull moose.

Moose goring aside though, I said last week that I would review Inception today… so here’s a review of Inception.

Micah Retro reviews: Inception

Because no matter what you do with your life. You will never be as cool as Joseph Gordon Levitt.

The Story:

Dom Cobb (Leonardo DiCaprio) is introduced to us in a Japanese dojo sort of place. He and his cohort Arthur (played by Joseph Gordon Levitt) are looking for some sort of secret plan… thing. And have to use some good old fashioned foot to face action to make their way to the plans. But, lo and behold, that was really all just a dream! Cobb and Arthur wake up in a hotel room where they continue to question some Japanese guy about the whereabouts of the plans! Unfortunately these weren’t the droids they were looking for… I mean… woh… sorry. Star Wars moment.

Basically Dom is a master corporate espionage person who steals ideas from businessman by delving into their subconscious while they’re asleep. Back to the story though…

Dom and Arthur have this back and forth with the Japanese guy whereon it’s revealed that they are in fact STILL just dreaming and finally the two of them wake up on a train. Where it’s revealed that they are both in fact refugee bears hiding from forest rangers who are seeking them out for their furs of gold and…. wait nope… sorry I made that last part up. But it wouldn’t have surprised me at all.

After Cobb and Arthur wake up on the train they are captured by the very man they were trying to steal secrets from in the dream. He offers them a chance to redeem themselves (and earn Cobb’s transport back to America) if they’ll do a special job for him. This sets off a mind bending plot of events, dreams, semi-dreams, partial dreams, full dreams, and half nelsons; that culminates in one of the most memorable endings to a movie in the history of time.

The Negatives:

I’m putting negatives first cause it’s a relatively short list… in fact a very short list. Like one thing. And here it is: at times (and only very very occasionally) the movie seems to not really know what it wants to do. There’s a lot of talk about how different times in different dreams work but occasionally the film bends its own rules. That is probably the nit pickiest nit I have ever picked but there you have it.

The Positrons:

Probably the best put together cast of last year. A solid group of actors who absolutely nailed there respective parts. Decaprio plays Cobb perfectly, Ellen Paige nails her part as the newcomer to the world of Inception (though to be fair her main job was to stand around and look impressed by Leonardo Decaprio and I mean how hard can that be? That’s likes paying me to enjoy eating Doritos.) Tom Hardy plays a smart aleck British guy excellently and Joseph Gordon Levitt plays a guy who is single handedly responsible for me thinking vests are cool again. I’m not completely sold on Decarprio as a Hollywood power house YET but there’s no denying this is the perfect cast for this movie and Leo is the perfect leading man.

Chris Nolan. It is a CRIME that Nolan didn’t win the Academy Award for best director last year. A CRIME!! I understand Dark Knight not taking away much from the awards show because the show is run by a bunch of culturally irrelevant old people BUT Nolan pieced together an incredible world, a brilliant cast, and a cinematic All Meat Pizza with extra Bacon and he somehow managed to NOT win the award. I repeat America: this was a CRIME. If I knew where the Academy voters lived I would go to each of their houses and personally throw grape flavored Jello at their houses!

The ending. I can’t really say too much without spoiling the movie so I will sum it up in three sentences. Best. Thing. Ever.

In Conclusion:

Inception is a lot more then just a good movie. It’s a good world, a fascinating concept, and a virtual smorgasbord of good acting. It’s an example of a movie that not only creates a great world but populates that world with fascinating characters, astounding cinematics, and wonderfully diverse set pieces. Neither you nor your mom has ever seen a movie that meshes its parts together as well as Inception does. It’s a how to guide for modern film, modern acting, and modern directing. And all in all it gets a very well deserved…

5 out of 5.

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