Red Sox Diary: August 7th 2011!

Posted: August 8, 2011 by Micah in Sports
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I got back to my room late-ish last night. I was chillin’ with Cassie and Riley till about ten or so when she went home cause she’s responsible and stuff. So, me and Riley (who are in no way responsible and stuff) chilled and shot Zombies for a while (yes we do kill zombies at an almost startlingly rate these days. I really need to keep count one time of how many accumulated zombies and/or aliens I kill in a weekend. Last nights tally was at least up in the hundreds and we only played for like an hour). Anyway I rolled back into my dorm at about 11 or so, started my nightly routine of trying to find my pants, making some tea (a trait I inherited from my mom) and still trying to find my pants. It was about midway through this chain of events that I remembered that the Red Sox vs. Yankees game might still be on!

I don’t get to watch as much baseball as I would like (I’ve seen maybe ten games from start to finish all year). I have a job, girlfriend, play performances, a facebook show, some awesome friends, and a blog site with a pushy editor (Editors Note: Jerk.). But it is part of my nightly routine to gingerly sip at what can only be described as apocalyptically hot tea, and watch the highlights of the Sox game. Every once in a while though, I am blessed by being able to get back to my dorm in time for the end of one! These are always good nights! Great nights when we win. And simply amazing nights when they go like this…

Top of the 9th inning: Yankees 2 Red Sox 1.

I got connected to the game just in time to watch our pitcher Jonathon Papelbon get out of a jam. With a runner on second he got the last Yankee batter to pop out to right field and end the inning. For those of you who don’t know, Jonathon Papelbon is arguably the scariest man on the planet. Before each pitch he throws, Papelbon glares in at the catcher like a falcon on a lofty height staring down at a scurrying mouse in an open field. He just scares me. To death. Fortunately he’s on my team so… I feel okay.

Bottom of the 9th inning: Yankees 2 – Red Sox 1

The Yankees bring on Mario Rivera to end the game. Arguably the best one inning pitcher in the history of baseball Rivera is an absolute game ender. He comes, he sees, he conquers… except against us. The Red Sox seem to be the one team that can get under Rivera’s skin on a regular basis. Maybe it’s just cause our teams play each other so much, but there’s definitely less fear for me with Rivera in the game then most teams.

Marco Scutaro, our shortstop, steps into the box. Scutaro almost lost his job earlier this season to Jed Lowrie who (in addition to having a name that makes him sound like a country music star) is currently and un-forunately injured. Still though, I’ve always liked Scutaro. He’s a blue collar Red Sock. A guy who shows up every day and does his job. He’s not a star, not a drama queen, just a guy who always shows up. As if to approve of my kind feelings towards him: Scutaro rips a double off the left field wall.

Jacoby Ellsbury bunts Scutaro over to third: 1 out, runner on third. Dustin Pedrioa comes into the batter’s box somehow managing to have a beard and still look like a twelve year old. He’s probably the shortest player in baseball (though don’t quote me on that) but he’s definitely the guy I want up in this situation. He’s just a scrapper. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him come out of a game with a clean jersey. He’s been red hot of late as well so the odds of something awesome happening here were fairly good. The announcers flashed up some graphic on how Pedrioa was 0 for 10 in his career off of Rivera but I didn’t care. This was just way to good a chance. He’s Dustin Pedroia, the Laser Show! He’d pull through.

And he did! Tie game! Rivera finished off the rest of the inning and officially sent the game into extra innings! Red Sox baseball everybody: gotta love it!

Top of the 10th inning: Yankees 2 – Red Sox 2 

The Red Sox bring in Daniel Bard to pitch the 10th inning. Daniel Bard might be my favorite Red Sock these days. He’s just dominant. He throws a fastball that hits 100 mph on the radar gun, and he has an amazing slider. When Papelbon comes into the game he glares, Bard just sort of… looks. You get the weird feeling he might not even be thinking about the game. He just sort of stares in at the catcher like he might be wondering what’s for dinner, or if he left the oven on. Then he throws a 100 mile an hour fastball that’s past the batter before their minds generate the SWING thought. He mows the Yankees down and gets three outs on three batters. Owned.

Bottom of the 10th inning: Yankees 2 – Red Sox 2

With 1 out David Ortiz rips a double down the right field line. Ortiz seems to be completely ageless. For three years now people have screamed and shouted about how he’s getting too old or becoming too fat or not getting around with the bat in time but aside from a few horrendous Aprils in the last few years he’s been the same old Ortiz. That said he runs at the same average speed as a beached rutabaga so Darnell McDonald pinch runs for him. The Yankees walk Carl Crawford to put runners on first and second with Josh Reddick stepping up to the plate.

At the start of this season Reddick was about 5 down on the Red Sox depth chart for Right Fielders. In other words, for him to actually play at all in the majors a lot of things had to happen. Fortunately for Josh (and me) they did. Our starting outfielder (JD Drew) played horribly, then got injured, then played horribly again, and is now (very fortunately) injured again. His backup, Mike Cameron, played SOO badly that the Red Sox erased his name from the annals of history, smuggled him out of town late at night, and are now pretending he never existed, like Liam Neeson in Unknown. Darnell McDonald has done okay but plays better in center field then in right, and Ryan Kalish had shoulder surgery and is still in rehab.

Which leaves us with Josh Reddick. Who. is. AWESOME. He’s hitting the cover off the ball, playing great defense, and even has cool hair. I mean come on! Anyway, Reddick takes the first pitch he sees into left field for a game ending single! Red Sox win 3 to 2! People are screaming at Fenway! I’m texting back and forth with Dave in all caps (which is as close to screaming I can get in the dorms). And generally everyone is happy!

Except the Yankees.

Which I’m okay with!

Anyway, that’s what went down this Sunday night in the dark of my dorm room while I drank apocalypse tea. And I say once again: Red Sox baseball everybody: gotta love it!

And yes, I found my pants.

  1. Cassie says:

    Glad to hear about the pants. 😉 Also, it isn’t so much responsibility as it is sheer exhaustion — for the record. 😉 And possibly my total lack of zombie-killing skills. 😉 Anyway!

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