Crysis 2

Posted: August 8, 2011 by Micah in Video Game Reviews

Some words on a video game from my friend Riley…

Pro-Con Man Riley reviews: Crysis 2

Plot: Super kaduper soldier fights aliens invading earth from underground. Fun? Yes. Obnoxious? Yes. Bloody complicated? Yes. Let me condense it down to 5 pros and 5 cons.

1. Gorgeous visuals. You will need a computer that can actually fly, but it’s worth it.

2. Non-repetitious. There is seldom a dull moment.

3. Difficulty can be set down to mortal man.

4. Colorful variety of weapons. Learn how to use them, and you’re less of a detriment to those trying to defend the planet.

5. Impressive facial work during conversations. Game developers finally realized that mouths move when people talk.

1. Too many weapons and functions to worry about. Too often I would attempt to be clever and set a claymore trap for a large beastie, and his martial arts minion would materialize out of nowhere right behind me. So I would frantically scroll through sniper rifle, rockets, grenades, weak sauce pistol AND PUNCH! Try to find the punch button, cloak, armor, tactical mode, nano vision, jump, PUNCH! YES! TEN TIMES!
Phew… got him.

2. Voice acting could be cheesy at points. You take someone who has never even seen a firearm and tell him to sit in front of a microphone and try to sound like he’s a marine Corporal on the front lines and on the verge of losing his integrity, life, men, and planet, and your result: A lot of hollow growling and screaming.

3. Story seemed fruitless. It seemed to start and end nowhere. You start on an unrelated-to-main-story submarine mission and end after almost winning the war… and some old war hero has taken control of your body.

4. Too many weapons and functions to worry about. I didn’t express that enough. Practically every key on your keyboard can be used for some function in the game, and the crucial ones are far too difficult to find when a rabid mongrel alien is running at ramming speed at your face.

5. One thing personally bothered me; You’re wearing a suit belonging to someone else, so everyone thinks you’re him; You look like him. For the first HALF of the game, they’re speaking to and commanding you to go places and kill things not knowing that you’re some random dude. You never say one word in your stranger’s voice, and they believed it!
I didn’t… I still don’t.

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